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Even though we talk about Holdem Genius, we no longer recommend this software given their decline in service, support, and communication in the industry.

Holdem Genius is a piece of poker software that attaches itself to your online poker table and immediately starts coaching you. In a glance you can see all important parameters concerning the value of your hand, the probabilities of your opponents’ hands and your suggested play in every situation.

No awkward handling

This program is really easy to handle. I mean, the purpose of a tool is not to give you loads of extra work, right? Holdem Genius is always by your side helping you, and you don’t have to do anything to keep it happy. It automatically attaches itself to the poker table where you’re playing and starts providing its advice right away. It also works if you play at multiple simultaneous tables.

Setting up your preferences

You can adjust Holdem Genius to your preferred playing style, which is great. Unfortunately, one very important dimension is missing. You can choose to play more or less tight, but the aggression factor cannot be set or modified. This creates a tendency in Holdem Genius to advocate a rather passive game. If you intuitively have a sound level of aggression in your game, you may at times feel compelled to digress from the advice given by Holdem Genius, I guess. Hopefully this is a feature that the guys behind the software will develop in future releases.

Someone has to lose – but does it have to be you?

We all know it: It’s not easy to be a winner in online poker – especially if you’re not using all the available tools. With Holdem Genius, a long range of important decision parameters is displayed in real-time beside your poker table, giving you your own private poker HUD. No longer do you have to wonder how your hand compares to the possible hand distributions among your opponents (as you should do if you’ve read your Harrington). Holdem Genius automatically takes those factors into consideration and shows you your odds of winning.

The program doesn’t force itself upon you. You can always choose other alternatives than the one suggested, so it doesn’t get intrusive even in the most complex and delicate situations.

Nothing fishy – just a lot of fish

Holdem Genius is supposed to be 100% legal, and it has been approved by all major online poker rooms (as well as a large number of not so major).

It only seems logical that Holdem Genius should be legal, since it has nothing to do with cheating; it simply takes information that’s available to everyone watching the game and generates a thorough analysis in a split second. You could perform the same analysis yourself – in a couple of hours.

Price and Conditions (Get Holdem Genius Free)

Not much to say here; Holdem Genius is for free. Sure, there is one snag: To unlock the program for all the supported poker sites, you have to sign-up to an online poker room and play a certain number of hands (500). But then again, playing poker is the whole purpose of using the tool, so it’s hard to see this as a problem. Try it, and if you don’t like it you haven’t lost anything.

User Testimonials

“I don’t know what to say. Now I can see! If the living poker geniuses have anything like this “built in” to their brain, if they can see their odds and chances as clear as you can with Holdem Genius on your computer, it’s no wonder they can dominate the poker world the way they do.”
Lee, Texas

“Things I used to feel intuitively are now written in black and white on my screen – along with some things that had never occurred to me, I have to admit. I think Holdem Genius works very nicely with the poker clients. I haven’t had any problems getting it to work.”
Darlene, NY

“What I really hate about Holdem Genius is that it makes my previous poker efforts look so bleak! I thought my repeated losses were due to bad beats and natural variation. After a few months with the software I can see that I was only fooling myself. It’s a humbling experience, to be sure. But hey, if it can make you a winner…”
Charles, Florida Keys