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Note: Even though we talk about PokerCopilot, we no longer promote this software given their decline in service, support, and communication in the industry.

With an obvious lack of Mac-based tracking software on the market, German developer and online poker fanatic Steve McLeod worked on his own to create Poker Copilot. After years of watching PC users reap the benefits of hand history analyses from Poker Tracker-type offerings, McLeod put together a sleek program made exclusively for Mac OS X that blends effortlessly into your desktop to help improve your online game.

Aside from being exclusive to Mac OS X, making it a must try for loyal Apple online card sharks, Poker Copilot’s biggest selling point is its Heads-Up Display (HUD). Fifteen stat categories are gathered and updated instantly, with popular tracking data available such as Voluntarily Put Into Pot (VPiP), Agression Factor, M-Ratio and Blind Steal Attempts, along with standards such as Pre-flop raise, 3-bet and C-bet percentage.

Poker Copilot users will be allowed to view up to six stats per player in their easy to read HUD, with more detailed statistics of each player made available by a simple click of the mouse, making your all in decisions a little easier.

When you’re not checking out stats in the HUD, take a look at the impressive data setup on the Copilot dashboard.  Eye-catching graphs fill the screen as you check out your tendencies at the table in Basic and Advanced Statistics, which may be the best snapshot of your poker game to be found on any tracking software.  Also, the popular Bankroll graph makes viewing and sharing your progress on the virtual felt easier than ever.

Poker Copilot is not just for cash games, as Sit & Go players and MTT regulars should find the HUD and statistical leg-up extremely beneficial. In the Summaries section, scroll through Tournament/Sit & Go results, recent hands, and dissect key pots using the hand re-player. The design of Copilot resembles iTunes, so navigating will be fairly simple for anyone with Mac experience.

Like most Mac programs, installing Poker Copilot is a snap. Just download, double-click and drag Copilot into Applications.  There won’t be any searching for hand history files on your computer.  Poker Copilot is set up to automatically discover these files with a simple click of a button. After that, you’re ready to play.

Poker Copilot is priced at $59.95, which includes a lifetime of free updates to ensure you’re tracking with the most up-to-date software. Poker Copilot is compatible with PokerStars, Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker and rooms on the Ongame Network.

The best news is that Poker Copilot offers a free 30 day trial. Give the program a one month test drive before dropping the $59.95, which is probably a fair market price when you figure the Hold’em version of PokerTracker will set you back $89.99.

In the end, Poker Copilot presents itself as a very reliable form of hand tracking for those who choose Mac over PC.  It manages to blend seamlessly with the look and flow you’ve come to expect from Mac OS X and with a free trial available, it’s worth a look by Apple fanatics who take their online poker seriously.