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Ever wanted to know how good you are at poker compared to your friends, or find out who the fish are at your table before the game even starts? Well now you can. is a massive new online poker tournament results database (containing the results of nearly 16 million games at time of writing). SharkScope covers all the major online poker rooms and, unlike other statistics tools out there, is completely Mac compatible.

Using SharkScope will enable you to analyze a players results in great detail, showing you their average profit, average ROI (return on investment) and which stakes that they play at. You can also get a variety of graphs showing things such as how their total profit has varied over time and how they perform at different stake levels, including high stakes poker. It is a gold mine of information and one that is highly addictive.Shark Scope Logo

If you just want to find easier tournaments then there is the Tournament Selector. Registering sit & go tournaments from a number of sites are rated for their difficulty based on the abilities of the players already registered. You can sit there, waiting for rooms simply teaming with fish to come along and let the shark filled ones just pass by. It’s amazing to see $50 Sit & Go tournaments filled with bad $10 players. It does happen, you just have to wait for it. Using this alone should increase your profitability by 20% or more.

You are allowed 5 free searches per day and greater access can be gained through purchasing one their premium packages. The 5 free searches are enough for basic checks of your own stats but subscribers get many more searches, which you need to find easy rooms, and access to extra features such as search filters and head to head statistics between players.

As a poker tool, SharkScope will enable you to become a lot more profitable player in the long run and is just great fun to use. Every tournament becomes more interesting as you root for the fish to hit that lucky card to take out the shark. From now on you can choose your sit n’ go games with care and watch the dollars roll in.

To begin enjoying analyzing your opponents and saving money, simply use your internet browser and go to