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Even though we talk about Sit and Go Shark, we no longer recommend this software given their decline in service, support, and communication in the industry.

Sit n Go Shark is an online poker tool that will truly change the way you play poker. With timely advice at hand for every decision, your sit-and-go record is bound to see immediate improvement – as will you bankroll.

Adjusting to the sit-and-go format

Sit-and-go is a very special poker tournament format that requires quite different game tactics in comparison to cash games or large multi-table tournaments. It is not an easy task, but the purpose of the Sit and Go Shark software is to help you accomplish an optimal strategy. It works for both limit and no-limit sit-and-go’s, and for multiple simultaneous games.

Legality and security

First of all, let’s make one thing clear: this program is 100% legal. It is not one of those tools online poker rooms are trying to block out. It does nothing a live mentor couldn’t do while watching over your shoulder. And thanks to the use of first-rate encryption technology, it’s also completely secure.

A cornucopia of helpful texts

Sit and Go Shark works as an “advice engine,” meaning it gives you specific advice as your hands are played out on the screen. Each time it’s your turn to act, Sit and Go Shark will offer you an appropriate suggestion that you can follow or disregard as you like. The software attaches directly to your online poker window.

The advice is well written and thorough. It may feel a bit much when you’re in the midst of things, but you don’t have to read all of it every time. The theme of the advice is easily discernible, thanks to the use of color-coded text, so it’s easy to act on within the normal tempo at the table. You can always go back and read through the advice after the game.

Enhancing your faculties

What you get when you use Sit n Go Shark is a stand-alone, infallible memory plug-in for your brain. It will notice all the details you notice, such as when a player plays too many hands, or doesn’t bet enough with his good hands. But then, while you and I may forget most of the information we take in, Sit and Go Shark remembers it all. This guarantees you a kind of insider information on the betting habits and tells of your opponents that is hard to achieve for us common mortals.

Seeing the whole picture

The game analysis is built around seven key factors in poker. Five of them are pretty straightforward and nothing new for the educated poker player (which does not make them any less important): the cards, the player’s position at the table, the pot odds in effect, stack depths and the number of players left in the tournament. Then two less evident parameters are involved as well: the betting pattern of your opponents and the “temperature” at the table, that is, an evaluation of the general mood of the players, based on the activity in the last few hands played.

Combined with a very advanced algorithm, all this leads to a deep and accurate analysis that considers the particular conditions that make sit-and-go’s very different from cash games and multi-table tournaments.

Really easy to use

It is definitely a very clean and user-friendly graphical interface that comes with Sit and Go Shark. Thanks to the hand strength graphics, you can always tell the strength of your hand at a glance. You can also customize all parts of the interface to suit your preferences.

According to the developers, the goal of Sit and Go Shark is not just to assist players at the table, but also to teach us how to play better poker. A lot of the advice is linked to theory sections with more extensive discussions on strategy. When you have used it for a while, you may notice that your play has improved, even when you’re playing brick-and-mortar poker. That’s the claim that is made, and it doesn’t seem far fetched at all.

Where does Sit and Go Shark work?

I personally tested the software out at PartyPoker, but I also heard that Sit and Go Shark works at other rooms too. I tried to find out exactly which online poker rooms are supported by the Sit n Go Shark software, but the only other room that I found listed on their website was Pokerroom.