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Live Online Poker Tournament Feed

On this page we will be implementing a live online poker tournament feed, which easily allows you to pick and choose what online poker tournament you want to play in based on a pre-determined set of criteria. You will be able to quickly and easily filter out the kind of online poker tourney that you want to play at. Upon clicking on any of the online poker sites, you will be directed to the online poker tournament and time that it is running at. Whether you are looking for high stakes online poker tournaments, guaranteed monster prize pools, freerolls or something else, you can find the online poker tournament of your choice in our state of the art live online poker tournament feed.

Online Poker Tournament Strategy

So what is the best online poker tournament strategy? That is going to depend on several things such as the player field size, the type of online poker tournament, how fast the blinds increase and your competition. The general rule is that in the early stages of the online poker tourney, playing tight is right and you don’t want to get involved in too many hands with mediocre hands. The chances that you could be beat are too great and there is usually not enough chips in the pot to make it worth getting involved.

As the online poker tournament progresses into the later rounds, the blinds will increase and each pot will be worth more and more relative to your stack size. At the point where the blinds catch up to your stack, it becomes correct to loosen up considerably and try to steal or take down pots with less than stellar hands, but still good hands.

When you start to get really low, like 8x – 10x the big blind, it becomes correct to push your stack in with any high card or mediocre hand, trying to double up or steal the blinds right there. 8x the big blind means you will still have enough to push people out pre flop, but it will also be a decent sized double up if you get doubled through and called by an opponent.

Different Types of Online Poker Tournaments

Lets now take a look at the different types of online poker tournaments available. These poker tourneys include multi table online poker tournaments, sit and gos poker tournaments, and satellites to live poker tournaments. These can all be broken down even further with a brief explanation of each event:

Mult-Table Online Poker Tournament

Multi-Table Tourney: A multi table poker tournament or MTT is one where there are many people in the players field, spread out on many different tables. The most famous MTT is the World Series of Poker main event held every summer in Las Vegas, Nevada. The blinds in these tournaments typically start pretty low, and with every round change the blinds increase. This is to eventually force action and make sure that people aren’t playing forever just to come up with nothing.

Sit and Go Online Poker Tournament

Sit and Gos: A sit and go online poker tournament is one where there is only 1 or 2 tables, originally it was only 1 table games. This means that you can sit down at the table for a entry fee just like everyone else, and there is a prize structure as to who gets the winnings. The money is usually divided up between the top 3 finishers in the tournament, although in some satellite sit and go tourneys, it is not uncommon to see only the first or second player advance to the next round.

Satellites to Live Poker Tournaments

Satellites: A Satellite poker tournament is a parlay into a bigger, usually live, poker tournament. Sometimes the satellite is to another, larger, online poker tournament. Sometimes the satellite is the next round leading up to a large money buy-in event. Sometimes a satellite is to an offline tournament such as the Pokerstars PCA or the the World Series of Poker. WPT (the World Poker Tour) is also know for having many different satellite events leading into their main offline events, especially through online poker sites like Hollywood Poker, who have a close association with that league through Vince Van Patten.

Top Poker Tournament Winners

In this section we will link to the profiles of some of the best poker tournament players of all time, so you can learn more about the history of this great card game and the people who have helped it grow so much.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson: The grandfather of poker, he is one of the main reasons people are so good today. He is the author of Super System and Super System 2, with the former being highly regarded as the poker bible. Even at his old age, Doyle is still as sharp as a tack and can go head to head with anybody in the world, drawing fear into their hearts. He has unprecedented tournament numbers including many WSOP bracelet wins.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth: Everyone knows about the poker brat, what some people do not know is that he is one of the winningest poker tournament players of all time, with over 10 WSOP bracelets.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey: Hot in pursuit of Phil Hellmuth, the other major Phil in poker, Ivey, has set the poker tournament world on fire for years now. He is highly regarded as one of the best poker tournament players out there.

Best Online Poker Tournament Sites

So which rooms are the best to play these online poker tournaments? One of the best places bar none (does not accept players from the USA) is

For Americans, your best bet is Carbon Poker who have really impressed with their daily guaranteed tournaments with thousands in prize money. is also known for their great tourneys with a slightly smaller field, and they are only open to Americans.

Largest Online Poker Tournaments

Which online poker rooms have the largest fields? That means that the players registered is very high, creating a massive prize pool for the final table and beyond. The number #1 biggest tourneys are at Pokerstars, you can find tournaments from hundreds to several thousands in the same tournament.

Softest Online Poker Tournaments

This is a topic that is highly controversial, with different people in the online poker world arguing about which site once and for all has the weakest tournament competition. It is generally accepted that for US players, Carbon Poker as the weakest tourney players bar none, and for international players it is a close tie between and Pokerstars. Depending on the tournament that you enter, you could be in a huge field of inexperienced players who are practically dumping their chips away, especially in the early rounds.

Online Poker Tournaments vs. Cash Games

Why do people prefer playing online poker tournaments over online cash games? The beautiful thing about a poker tournament, as it always has been, is that everybody starts as an equal. You buyin for the same amount, get the same amount of chips as everybody else and the last man or woman standing gets the biggest prize. That has a certain type of appeal to it. The other great thing about a poker tourney, especially a multi-table tournament, is that you can win life changing money if you come in first place, for a low low price. That is because with hundreds or even thousands of people dumping money into the prize pool, the final tables are usually paid out very handsomely.

We will always keep this page updated with the latest news, updates and reviews in the world of online poker tournaments. Join any of our recommended top poker rooms as mentioned throughout this page and test your luck in one of the many different types of online poker tournaments available today.