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Software Xicom Technologies
Compatible Mac & PC
Notable Pros Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond
Cost $29.99 monthly
Rating (really good)

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Blue Fire Poker Overview hold their heads high by offering some of the most in depth training videos on their website.  The claim to fame at Blue Fire Poker is their $1,000,000 challenge to the white house and Barack Obama.  Also, with internet poker superstars Phil Galfond at the helm of training, you get a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the game while subscribing to Blue Fire Poker.

Blue Fire Poker Membership

The price at Blue Fire Poker isn’t too astronomical at the $29.99.  Blue Fire Poker also gives discounts for customers who prepay 6 months or 12 months in advance.  Your membership includes access to all training videos on the site, as well as full downloadable content, and in depth training from any professional.

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Blue Fire Poker Coverage

Blue Fire Poker primarily focuses on cash game play.  There is minimal exposure to MTT and SNG tables. Being able to watch Phil Galfond five times a month is worth the fee alone.  Phil Galfond is also pot-limit omaha specialist, which means usually half of the videos are PLO instructional, unlike other sites which is primarily Texas Hold’em.

Blue Fire Poker Pros

– Around 4-5 new videos a week.
– Well constructed, advanced training every video.
– Easy to navigate website.
– Daily blogs from every pro.

Blue Fire Poker Cons

– Relatively new website.
– Not a large archive of content.
– Minimal tournament training.
– Slow video release in comparison to other training sites.

Blue Fire Poker Overall

The training is easily considered one of the best sites online even with its relatively new release. The videos and analysis that Phil Galfond gives on a weekly basis is some of the best around. This is by far one of the best cash game training sites available today.

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