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Deepstacks University LogoDeep Stacks University Overview

Deepstacks University – The class of online poker players has risen significantly over the past few years. This can be attributed to a variety of different factors, but two of the most prevalent have been the evolution of poker software, and inclusion of poker training sites. Deepstacks University is one of the leading contenders in the genre of poker coaching. Headlined by several big names in poker such as Michael Mizrachi and Mike Matusow, Deepstacks University provides players with a bevy of knowledgeable tips and strategies to take their game to the next level.

Deepstacks University uses several different venues to teach their students. This includes an online application, which works well in depicting the real-time complexities of each poker situation. However, Deepstacks University also provides individual seminars, that include several coaches and professional players who can directly interact with you and explain the nuances of each poker strategy. Whether you prefer a hands-on environment, or the convenience of being able to learn concepts at your leisure, Deepstacks University provides all of the tools necessary to be successful at the poker table.

Ranging in all different player types, games, and stakes, whether you’re a novice or a world-class professional, there’s something for everyone at Deepstacks University.

Deepstacks University Poker Software

What separates Deepstacks University significantly from other poker training web sites is their heavy use of interactivity, along with a focus on providing instant feedback on your progress throughout the classes. After taking a view of their home page, you can instantly recognize that having their consumers be immersed directly in the heat of poker is one of their top objectives. With Deepstacks poker training, they use a platform in which they’ve self-titled Reactive Poker Training Technology (RTT). This application, created through their exclusive software “The Poker Matrix,” allows students to interact virtually with their instructors in real-time poker environments. Whether it involve correctly determining how many outs your hand has, calculating your equity, or determining your opponents likely next move, their modules are designed for you to understand and make the correct decision based on information from specific scenarios.

Within the poker application, several different Deepstacks University professional poker players and coaches are right along with you, giving step-by-step guidance on how to approach each unique situation. Dependent on which module is being learned, a different pro will be alongside who specializes in that particular area to give the most accurate and dependable information. This information is displayed neatly at the top of the screen. As you learn, the information you’re being given is heard clearly through the use of audio, taped first-hand from each poker coach. This allows you to become familiar with each professional, and down the line, can help you easily identify which coaches suits your style the most.

Using Flash Macromedia, the Deepstacks University training software is displayed beautifully within a standard-sized web page, and allows users to click and answer questions through a variety of multiple-choice options. Taking up the bulk of the application, is usually the poker table. On this screen, you’re given a visual look into each poker hand as it’s being read aloud and explained in detail. Each lesson is given simultaneously, as the software shows how each poker hand would be displayed at a real, online table. This is extremely helpful in allowing each student to take the resources they’ve learned, and naturally apply them the next time they sit at the real virtual felt.

As stated earlier, instant feedback is given after you’ve finished your poker session. Dependent upon how you’ve answered a variety of questions, often times you will be given a grade at the end of your Deep Stacks University class. Ranging from dismal, to the always desired “A+”, you’ll be given a score, your number of incorrect answers, your class percentile and your credits earned. Although not always a great measure of evaluating your understanding of poker concepts, the grading system does provide a boost of confidence knowing that you’re progressing along the right path.

Deep Stacks University Poker Curriculum

Deepstacks University’s curriculum is very diverse. Included is everything from basic poker knowledge and terminology, to advanced multi-table tournament theories. Each professional poker trainer takes their time in analyzing and dissecting each level of play, no matter if you’re just beginning or you’ve played for decades. Regardless of experience, there’s tons of information to gather from each module.

How Deepstacks University identifies their classes is through five individual topics and skill levels. The topics include: the Basics, Essentials, Sit-and-Go’s, Multi-Table Tournaments, and Cash Games. Each of those categories can be broken down into skill levels. Those levels range from 1 through 5, 1 being the easiest, and 5 being the most difficult. In example, if you were going over the basics at level 1, you might find a conversation about which poker hands beat what. On the other hand, if you were taking a course within sit-and-go’s at level 4, you might find an in-depth discussion on how to play any pair when you’re on the money bubble. Dependent on how far you’d like to take your knowledge of the game, you should be able to find just about everything within Deepstacks University.

Although Deepstacks University certainly covers a lot of ground when concerning poker skill, they lack some depth in consideration of the games they coach. Deepstacks currently only offers training in the games of Texas Hold’Em, and Omaha. However, each of those two variations are easily the most popular, which certainly makes applying the things you’ve learned a cakewalk.

Deepstacks University Pro Poker Player Expertise

The use of well-educated professors and players certainly contributes to the Deepstacks reputation as one of the best poker entities available. Andrew “browndog19” Brown, Justin “BoostedJ” Smith, Mike Matusow, TJ Cloutier, and Michael Mizrachi are all professional players who have had tremendous success in their careers. In fact, there’s over $45 million in prize money, 19 World Series of Poker bracelets, and a WSOP Main Event bracelet between all of the university’s pros. Impressive to say the least! Whether it be in the online world, or playing live at a major poker tournament, the variety of players at Deepstacks guarantees that there will be someone who’s successful in the genre you’re looking for.

Deepstacks University Membership

Deepstacks has different pricing structures, dependent on what venue you prefer. If you’re more keen on live instruction, with several professionals being directly at your disposal, there are poker seminars given around the globe for prices in the hundreds. Online coaching in comparison, is very competitive with other online training sites. There’s a one-time activation fee with Deepstacks University of $99, which includes two months of membership, and afterwards a monthly fee of $29.95.

Deepstacks University Overall Review

Pun intended, Deepstacks University provides a deep comprehension of all of the strategies and theories essential to winning money at poker. Utilizing one of their many learning venues is as easy as clicking a mouse, and is certainly worth a look if you’re in the market for an affordable, reputable, and knowledgeable option for improving your poker game.