PokerBrat Starts Clothing Line


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pokerbratclothingSo you think you are as good as Phil Hellmuth, well no offense to you but that is probably not true, but who says you can’t dress like Phil Hellmuth. What I am talking about is the poker brat himself has decided to start his own fashion line. The fashion line is called Poker Brat Clothing line and they offer right now only a small selection of different apparel options but other options are said to become available soon.

Some of the selections that are available range from the “PH” baseball cap, which Phil Hellmuth has personally made popular by not being seen playing poker without the hat, all they way to Ed Hardy inspired t-shirts. Also available will be some simple Poker Brat t-shirts and the “PH” flame t-shirts that have also been seen being worn by Phil Hellmuth on a regular basis. For all of you women out there that right now might be feeling a little left out don’t worry because Phil Hellmuth has got you covered offering some women style t-shirts and a pink “PH” hat.

Below are some examples of what types of products are going to be offered but for a look at Phil Hellmuths complete line of apparel you can visit the Poker Brat Clothing Line website.


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