PokerStars Makes A New Hire


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There are aspects of poker that remain stagnant, and companies that continue to progress. PokerStars seems to be taking a similar path in regards to its once-close competitor Full Tilt Poker, by seeking and hiring a new Chief Marketing Officer, former Microsoft Executive Alex Payne, to oversee their promotional endeavors.

Coming in with over ten years experience from his former position, Payne will be in charge of most of the advertising and sponsorship tasks for the company. Needing to redistribute its brand across multiple mediums, Payne will headline a taskforce that controls TV programming production, media exposure, customer retention, Team PokerStars Pro acquisitions, search engine optimizations, and relationship campaigns for both fans and online/live poker players.

Fortunately enough for the new CMO, his extensive resume, experience, and personal intrigue with the brand has him depicting a lavish future for the world’s top poker company.

“I’m delighted to be joining PokerStars,” mentioned Payne. “I am joining an outstanding business, which is the clear leader in its category and has enormous potential ahead of it. Moreover, it’s a product in which I have a huge personal passion.”

Spending his last 11 years with the technological computer giant that is Microsoft, he’s spent countless hours garnering control of global, national, and regional marketing efforts. Included in his roles were the responsibilities of product development and strategic planning, two aspects of his position that he hopes he can bring to PokerStars.

Although his most recent career opportunity attributed the greatest in terms of his experience, he’s also bringing in considerable knowledge from his positions at two popular advertising firms, EHS Brann (formerly Evans Hunt Scott) and OgilvyOne (previously Ogilvy & Mather Direct). Payne was also the Sales and Marketing Director for Bing in the U.K., where search engine optimization skyrocketed, and he was required to establish a unique growth strategy that included innovative advertising and the use of celebrity figures.

Since 2010, the Bing company and search engine has witnessed incredible growth, and now currently owns its fair share of the online search demographic right next to the leading competitors.

Payne also possesses an MBA from INSEAD, which recently earned the accreditation as BusinessWeek’s number one international business school.

PokerStars will be looking for him to make a similar impact on their organization within the next few years.

PokerStars remains as one of the biggest online poker sites in the world, despite it’s inability to cater to the U.S. market.

However, there are several sites remaining that still do, so take the time to visit BetOnline Poker for feverish action and gigantic pots.

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