PokerStars Introduces New Game


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A few years ago if you were to visit the online poker room Doyle’s Room you could find a game by the name of Badugi which was created in Asia. Well unfortunately Doyle’s Room was forced to take the game off their roster of games offered since the interest just was not there. That is until PokerStars has figured that there still is interest in the game and that is why they have introduced the game of Badugi into their lineup of sit-n-go’s and tournaments. One thing to note on is that the interest from players into the game of Badugi has been promising and the numbers have been steadily rising everyday and PokerStars is hoping to maintain the interest so they may one day offer Badugi in their cash game lineup.

For those of you that have no clue how to play Badugi or for those players that have never even heard of the game Badugi, then let me be the honored one to fill you in on this wonderful game which was created in Asia. The game of Badugi is more like a game of Razz and Draw-Poker all rolled up into one because each player will be able to discard their unwanted hole cards for different cards in hope to make the lowest ranked unsuited hand. So the best possible hand you can have in Badugi would be A-2-3-4 all of different suits. In the game of Badugi though there will be three different opportunities for players to discard anywhere from zero to all four of their cards and whenever this takes place the players will go through a round of betting at which time the player may call, raise or fold.

If you are interested in playing the great game of Badugi or one of the many other games that is offered at PokerStars then click on the PokerStars link on the homepage which will then automatically direct you to the PokerStars homepage where you can get started to being able to play the game of Badugi.

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