Poorya Nazari Wins $3 Million at PCA


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poker1,347 players traveled to the Bahamas to compete in the 2009 Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure for the $3 million first prize. The last man standing out of the 1,347 players was Poorya Nazari of Canada.

Kevin Saul, a famous online player from the USA was the first player to exit the final table. Saul pushed all-in with [Ks][Js] and Poorya Nazari made the call with pocket queens. The flop helped Saul out as it paired his jack, but it would not be enough to save him as the turn and river were both duds. Kevin Saul exited in eighth place for a payday of $234,000.

Daniel Heimiller moved all-in with his pocket fives, only to see two other players move all-in. Anthony Gregg showed pocket nines while Poorya Nazari, who had both Heimiller and Gregg covered, showed pocket eights. The board was totally unspectacular, dropping K-J-J-6-7, giving the pot to Gregg and eliminating Heimiller, who would collect $300,000, in seventh place.

Dustin Dirksen found himself all-in after getting into a preflop raising war with Benny Spindler. The two were in a race as Spindler showed pocket tens and Dirksen showed [Ad][Kd]. The flop fell [Qh][Jh][Js], no help for Dirksen. The turn of [6d] was also no help, as was the [3h] river, and Dirksen was heading for the exits in sixth place, richer by $400,000.

Benny Spindler would also take down another victim in a coin flip situation, Peter Tielen. Tielen moved all-in over the top of Spindler’s opening raise, and Spindler called to show pocket eights, which lead Tielen’s [Ac][Qh]. The board rolled out [10h][7c][6d][5s][Kd], with no ace or queen to be seen. Peter Tielen earned a payday of $550,000 for finishing in fifth place.

Alex Gomes would find himself heading for the exits after a huge confrontation with Benny Spindler. Gomes bet out at the flop of [Jd][Jh][Js] and called Spindler’s raise. Gomes raised all-in after Spindler bet on the [5s] turn. Spindler called and showed [Kc][Jc] for quads while Gomes showed pocket aces. Alex Gomes collected $750,000 for his fourth place finish.

A long time passed before the next elimination, that of Benny Spindler. Spindler shoved all-in with [Qd][Jh] and was the underdog to Poorya Nazari’s [As][Jd]. No help came for Spindler on the board of [Ks][4s][3s][10d][Kd] and Spindler fell in third place for a payday of $1,100,000.

While three-handed play lasted for hours, heads-up play lasted only four hands. In the final hand Anthony Gregg moved all-in preflop over Poorya Nazari’s opening raise with [Qd][7s] and Nazari made a quick call with [Ac][10d]. The flop expanded Nazari’s advantage as it fell [10s][6c][5c] to give him a pair of tens. After the turn of [3s] and the river of [9d] the tournament officially reached its conclusion.

Anthony Gregg earned $1,700,000 for his runner-up performance while Poorya Nazari won the $3,000,000 first prize.

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