Prop Bets On WSOP Final Table


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How would you like to bet on the outcome of the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event final table which starts play on November 9th. Well there is good news for you because Bodog is allowing people to be on all different aspects of the final table. In this article we will briefly tell you about some of the unique betting options you have and what the odds are on these bets.

The popular betting category right now is the overall win category (who will win the WSOP final table). Right now there is a three way tie on odds for who will win and right now the tie is at a 4/1 and is between chip leader Dennis Phillips, Ivan Demidov and Scott Montgomery (yes the Scott Montgomery who reraisedall in with ace high and got called by top pair of jacks, then Scott hits an ace on the river for the win. That deserves a head scratch). The most proven and most experienced player that is at the final table is listed at a 9/2 favorite and his name is Chino Rheem.

Some of the odd bets that are available to bet on are which player will receive the dealer button for the start of the final table, what nation will the World Series of Poker final table winner be from. Also you can bet on what the last winning hand of the World Series of Poker Main Event will be and right now if you want to risk the money, you can bet that the last hand will be a Royal Flush which is at a 1250/1 odds to win.

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