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Rakeback is the perfect way for online poker players to save money. A lot of money. With a good rakeback deal you can get hundreds or even thousands of dollars refunded to your poker account every month.

This is basically how it works: the online poker rooms charges a small fee, called rake, on every pot. Normally this fee is 3 to 5% of the pot with a maximum of $3. This might not sound like much, but when you consider how many poker hands in a month you realize that it adds up to a significant amount. It’s not uncommon for online poker to rake several thousand dollars in a single month. If you sign-up for a rakeback deal you can get up to 60% of that money back.

Rakebrain.com is a leading rakeback provider. They offer the following to their clients:

  • The best rakeback deals – we are affiliated with all the established poker rooms that offer rakeback. You can get 60% of the rake you pay back through Rakebrain.com
  • High value bonus offers – up to $750 on a 100% match.
  • Top class promotions – including free rolls and WSOP packages.
  • We also have a very useful rakeback calculator, a refer-a-friend program and quick and knowledgeable customer support.

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More facts about poker rakeback:

How to get rakeback:

Sign-up to a online poker room through Rakebrain.com. To check how much rake you have paid and how much of this you will get back all you have to do is to login to the Members Only area. However, you have to keep in mind that you generally can’t get a poker rakeback deal with a poker room you already have an account with. If you like the software and games at a certain poker room you can try to get a rakeback deal with another skin in the same network.

How rake is calculated:

Poker rooms use two different ways to calculate how much rake you pay on any given pot – dealt and contributed. The dealt method means that the total rake in a hand is divided between the players that were dealt cards in the hand. The contributed method considers how much each player has contributed to the pot, and consequently the rake.

How rakeback is calculated:

The rakeback you get is calculated as monthly gross revenue (MGR) multiplied by the rakeback % you have. For example, your MGR might be $1,000 and you receive 40% rakeback. Your rakeback in this case would be $1,000 x 0.40 = $400.

How the MGR is calculated:

The MGR is simply the amount of rake you have paid in a month. However, some poker rooms deduct bonuses you have received from the MGR, and some don’t. Also, some poker rooms include tournament fees in the MGR and other don’t.

How progressive and flat rakeback works:

There are two different kinds of rakeback – progressive and flat. Progressive rakeback means that your rakeback percentage depends on how much rake you have paid. Flat rakeback means that you get the same rakeback percentage regardless how much you pay in rake.

How the rakeback money is distributed:

Generally the poker room will will transfer your rakeback automatically to your poker account once a month. However, in some cases the poker room we will transfer your rakeback money to your Neteller account once a month.


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