Record Night On Full Tilt Poker


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On Full Tilt Poker’s high stakes poker tables, one single hand could pay for someone to get a brand new car or a brand new house. Well the other night on Full Tilt Poker there was four hands that broke the record for the size of a single pot. Unfortunately Tom “Durrrr” Dwan was on the losing end of three of these outstanding hands. The previous record for a pot size was $610,000 when online pro Patatino beat Hac “trex313” Dang when both players went all in with a flush draw and Patatino hit a deuce on the turn to win the pot.

The first record breaking hand happened when Tom “Durrrr” Dwan went heads up with fellow high stakes online poker pro “LarsLuzak”. During the preflop play LarsLuzak decided to raise the action up to $3,000 and was immediately called by Durrrr. After a flop of 9(c)5(d)2(s), Durrrr checked the action to LarsLuzak who then decided that he would put a bet of $4,000 out on the felt which immediately Durrrr had raised to $12,700. After a little bit of thought LarsLuzak decided to call. On the turn it brought the A(c) and Durrrr bet out $24,700, which again LarsLuzak decided to just call. It was then time for the final card, the river, which was a 7(h) and Durrrr then fired out again just this time with a bet of $68,700. It was then up to LarsLuzak who took some time to think and even requested time to think more and then decided that it was time to move all in for his last remaining $270,832. This time it was up to Durrrr who is known for making some pretty sick calls and after requesting time he decided to make the call showing A(d)9(d), which gave him the top two pair. LarsLuzak was caught with a massive bluff showing 6(d)4(s) for the broken straight draw, which gave Durrrr the 1st record pot of $617,968.

Not to long after the 1st record pot, Durrrr was involved in another hand on a different table, but this time he was involved with John Juanda. It was preflop play when online pro “Urindanger” fired out a raise of $3,000 which was then raised right away when Juanda made it $14,500 to go. It was then a split second later when Durrrr made it a grand total of $43,800 to play, which then made Urindanger fold his hand and take just a $3,000 loss on the hand. It was then up to Juanda who requested time before he decided to re-raise the action to $137,400 and after that move Durrrr immediately moved the rest of his stack in, which Juanda called after again requesting time. The hand turned out to be a classic Ace’s versus kings situation with Durrrr holding the Ace’s and Juanda holding the kings. Durrrr had lead the entire way until on the river a king was flipped over which gave Juanda the win and the pot worth a total of $678,069 which was again a record breaker.

It was then not even a total of five minutes later when it was then Phil Ivey’s turn to go for the record. The players involved in the hand were John Juanda, Durrrr and the great Phil Ivey. The preflop play began when Juanda had raised the action to $4,500 which made Durrrr who lost most of his stack to call for his last $1,967. The decision was then up to Ivey who decided it was time for a re-raise and made it a total of $16,967. Juanda was not happy with this move by Ivey, so Juanda re-raised Ivey to a total of $54,370 which Ivey took no time to call. After a flop of A(c)5(s)10(s) Ivey checked the action over to Juanda who then led out the action with a bet of $112,207. Again the great Phil Ivey hardly took anytime to move the rest of his remaining $175,201 into the middle. Then all of a sudden one of the worst things that could happen to you while you are playing online poker, Juanda was disconnected leaving the rail birds minds to wander, but after a short while Juanda was able to reconnect and make the call and flip over a K(s)8(s) which gave him a king high flush draw. Ivey then flipped his hand over showing pocket 10’s for a flopped set. The turn and the river were then dealt and it brought no spade meaning for the 3rd time in a night the record pot size was broken again when Phil Ivey took down a $687,622 pot and John Juanda lost all the money he had just won from Durrrr.

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan’s night was not done yet, because there was still one more record to be broken and well it had Durrrr’s name written all over it. It was just preflop play when Urindanger raised up the action to $3,000 and online pro “Elmariachimacho” decided to make the call. The action was then finally up to Durrrr who made it a total of $16,300 and just like that Urindanger re-raised Durrrr to $45,000 even, which made Elmariachimacho to fold and let the two famous online pros fight it out. Durrrr made the call after some thought. The flop came out 5(c)9(h)4(h) and action was up to Durrrr who decided to check to Urindanger who then decided himself to bet out $52,700. The pot was then reraised by Durrrr up to $139,500 which made Urindanger to move all in for $314,970 which Durrrr called immediately. Durrrr flipped over his cards to show pocket kings and Urindanger flipped over pocket ace’s. So again we have a classic showdown of Ace’s versus Kings, except this time no king came on the turn or the river to help Durrrr out and give him the win. Urindanger took down the last record pot of the night and still holds the record with a pot of $723,938.

For a night of big pots and a time which should be exciting, there always is someone that is going to hurt from this and that had to be well like Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, who without him these pots could not have been achieved.

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