Reload Bonus at Poker Stars!


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Reload Bonus at Poker Stars!

PokerStars Reload BonusNot only is PokerStars the biggest online poker site around – both PC and Mac friendly of course – but they are also providing an additional stupendous bonus to their players. All you have to do is reload your account at the Poker Star Home Games, and you will get 25% reload bonus up to $150! – This of course, is in addition to your initial deposit bonus, your welcome bonus, of 100% up to $600! Nice, right?

Do not wait up on it much though, as it, like all other great things in life, has a limited time on it, ending on March 20th, 2011; so join Poker Stars and Play Poker Now!

What are Home Games, and How to Get the 25% Reload Bonus

Home games are actually quite new at Poker Stars, which are a new feature for players and members, where they can go ahead and create and manage your own private poker games, clubs, and tournaments to compete with your buddies, your family, your co-workers, you name it… just whoever is willing to lose their money with your kick-ass poker hands.

Poker Stars is so happy to provide this to you, and for you to try it out, that they are willing to give you a FREE $5.50 Home Games ticket, with the reload bonus of up to $150 as mentioned above (or the equivalent in CAD, EURO, and GBP). First step, and only step, is to deposit at PokerStars using the bonus code “HOMEGAMES” before 23:59 EST on March 20th, 2011 for your 25% reload.

As soon as you deposit, you will get your $5.50 Home Games ticket. Like all poker bonuses around, you will also need to complete a few VPPs (VIP Player Points) to release your bonus cash, which you gain by simply playing more poker at PokerStar – the more you play, the more VPPs you will acquire for extra perks.

How Much To Deposit for the Maximum Bonus Amount?

For the max bonus amount from this reload opportunity, all you have to do is deposit $600 into your PokerStars account, which you can withdraw later on… or better yet, keep it there for future promotions and games! – The reload bonus will be release in increments of 10 of your choose currency, and you will need to play as much as possible within your first 30 days of this reload bonus deposit in order to get as much of your bonus as possible too.

Join Poker Stars and Get you Bonus Now!

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