Rumor Wednesday: Apple iPhone to go to Verizon?


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Apple-MarblesApple’s iPhone smartphone, exclusively sold to AT&T customers, is said to be released to other U.S cellular phone carriers within a year.

Recently, investors and analysts of Apple came together to answer some speculating questions about Apple.  Subjects that were covered were financing, the iTunes music software, Apple stores, and the iPod mp3 player.  One other subject that was mentioned was the use of the iPhone to other U.S. wireless companies.

Having great success with the iPhone 3GS launch, Apple is already having a hard time keeping this phone in stock.  Reports have shown that this new phone has already beat internal expectations at Apple.  It was also mentioned that even though the $99 3G was a big hit as well, it is not to be thought of as a returned project.

It is rumored that Apple will be directly looking at the Verizon network to be the next host of the iPhone cell phone.  The reason being is the already adept network and 4G speeds offered to Verizon mobile network customers.  Negotiations are still being held, on both the AT&T end and Verizon end.  iPhone smartphone consumers have been extremely satisfied with the product, but not the wireless hosting offered.

What does this mean for the iPhone smartphone customer?

If you already have a service with AT&T for your iPhone cellular phone, in 2010 you can expect services to either improve or become cheaper.  With a new company competing on the horizon with Apple Inc’s iPhone mobile device, AT&T will be prepared to do anything to keep this booming product theirs.

Additionally, if you do not have an Apple iPhone mobile device yet, you can expect the new hosting company (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, ect) to have huge promotions and big sales on these phones to get new customers on their wireless hosting.

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