Rumor Wednesday: New Apple iPods to be introduced.


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Apple-MarblesIn recent news, Apple Inc. has announced plans of introducing the new iPod mp3 player line and music plans this September 9th.

Over the past four years, Apple Inc. has wowed not only the competition, but also their customers with their innovative ideas and new products.  We have seen the iPod, iPod Nano, and the iPod Touch mobile mp3 players greatly improve over time, with Apple Inc. introducing new mediums such as video.  The newest upgrade to the iPod Touch portable mp3 player is a point-and-click digital camera.  This new feature is only one of the many upgrades that are to be expected on the iPod touch.

In addition to the announcements of the iPod touch mobile device upgrades, it is expected that Apple will feature their new iTunes 9 music store software which will have more social networking possibilities between users.  The platform of the software was not expected to be used until 2010, which will put Apple miles ahead of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.

It is still unknown where Apple Inc. will hold this event, but it is rumored to think that they will go back to their old stomping grounds at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center.

*iPod®, iPod® Nano, and iPod® Touch are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
*Windows Media Player is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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