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acop-headerIn the next few weeks, you have an opportunity to represent your country in Poker Stars’ Americas Cup.  This tournament pins countries against each other in a series of tournaments to see who is the best poker country out there.  All together there are 16 countries, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Guatemala, Panama and Honduras.  These teams will be divided up into four round robin brackets and dual it out for the final 8 spots.

Tournaments for the United States are going on right now!  These tournaments have a buy-in anywhere from .20 to 5.50.  When playing in these tournaments, you are only playing against that fellow country, so try not to gang up on your fellow countrymen.  Additionally, the players gaining the most points for their country will be awarded a trip to a ski resort in the Andes mountains where the final tournament will be played.

Do you have what it takes to become an American hero and bring home the Cup of Poker?

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