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Is it safe to use a credit card or bank account to deposit into poker sites that accept credit card? In a word, yes.  Almost all online poker sites use encryption methods that meet of exceed the internet security standards set by leading financial institutions.  This means that your personal information is safe, because when your credit card or bank information is transferred, the information is converted into a format that cannot be read from the outside, denying data thieves access to the information.

Many credit card companies won’t do business with most online poker sites, but you can generally count on Visa and Mastercard. There are also a variety of alternative deposit methods, which changes from site to site.  However, due to the U.S. legislation trying to prevent players from being able to fund their accounts, the best way for American players to fund themselves is to use credit cards. Visa and Mastercard have been known to have about a 70% success rate among US Poker players, depending on the bank that issued the card.

It is extremely easy and safe to use credit cards to make your deposit.  Occasionally a trouble will pop up, but it is usually just a processing error and nothing the gambling site can be held accountable for.

Online poker sites that accept credit cards also do a very good job in protecting your personal information.  However, you also need to protect your information.  Never tell anyone your credit card information or your account name and password for the online poker site that accepts your credit card deposit.  Don’t write down your account name or password, keep it memorized.  Simply put, be smart with your personal information, and you will have nothing to fear, as most breaches of security are caused by the player and not the online poker site.