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The Convenience of Neteller

Neteller is one of the most convenient ways to transfer money online. It also happens to be one of the safest methods of depositing and withdrawing money to and from your online poker or online casino account. This is especially true when depositing money into and withdrawing money from an online poker room or casino.

Nearly all online casinos and poker sites that accept Neteller are able to instantly transfer money, without fees, between the poker room or casino and their Neteller account.  This simplicity is one of the main reasons why Neteller is so popular with both players and online poker rooms.

Neteller Restrictions – USA

Unfortunately, Neteller has had it’s problems in the past, mainly with the United States. At the time this was published, Neteller allowed the US Justice Department to seize/freeze all of the money held in US accounts, and payouts were processed in late 2007.

At the current moment, US customers are not allowed to use their accounts whatsoever, not even to transfer funds to other Neteller customers. It is currently unknown whether business will continue with the United States or not, but we are certain that US customers will not be allowed to make gambling transactions through Neteller.

How Do I Setup a Neteller Account?

Neteller makes a long and in-depth signup process very simple.  When you first go to, click on the button “open account.”  Neteller will then require you to submit some basic information, after which a verification email will be sent to you.  The verification email will bring you to another Neteller page where you will be required to give some more information.

Once you have completed this step, you must certify your account. This is done by verifying a bank account (for US users), and international users may certify by faxing copies of their passport and the front and back side of a personal credit card.

Neteller verifies bank accounts by making a miniscule deposit into the bank account (for me it was eighteen cents).  After a few days, this transaction will appear on your bank statement.

Neteller has a “verify your bank account” page, and this is where you enter the amount that Neteller deposited into your bank account.  Once this is done, you are certified, and your deposit limit will increase to $750.00 per week.  You will be able to further increase your deposit limits by fulfilling some more requirements.

If you’re interested in higher limits, Neteller support will help you out.  It typically takes two to four business days to transfer money between your bank account and Neteller.

Using Neteller with Online Poker Rooms

When using Neteller to deposit or withdraw funds from an online poker room or online casino, simply choose Neteller from the site’s cashier, fill in the requested information, including the amount you want to deposit or withdraw.  You will be able to instantly transfer money from Neteller to the site, or vice versa.  It is fast and easy.

Credit Cards at Neteller

Once certified you can deposit up to $3000 by credit card over a 30 day period.  Neteller is considered to be a cash advance by most credit cards.

Possible Fees at Neteller

It is possible for there to be fees during your transactions with Neteller.  There is a 3.9% fee on credit card deposits to Neteller.

Neteller also offers an InstaCash option, where instead of waiting a few days for the funds to be transferred from your bank account, the transaction occurs immediately. There is an 8.9% fee on InstaCash transactions. Most people have no problem waiting a few days and avoiding the 8.9% fee by using the regular bank transfer.

Tips on Using Neteller

  1. Use the same email address with Neteller that you use with the online poker rooms or casinos that you play with.  If they are different, you can change your email address with the poker rooms or casinos to match your Neteller email.
  2. Keep in mind that while you can immediately transfer money between Neteller and online poker rooms or casinos, it takes several days for transactions to occur between Neteller and your bank account.  It may be wise to keep a small amount of money in your Neteller count in case you want to quickly supplement your poker room or casino accounts.  This will help you evade the 8.9% fee on InstaCash transfers.
  3. Neteller requires you to withdraw money in the same way you deposited it.  If you deposited $100 via credit card, you must withdraw $100 via credit card.  After you have withdrawn an amount of money that matches your deposit, you may withdraw via whichever method you prefer.

About Neteller

Neteller has been in business since 1999 and has a user base of 2.5 million people.  More than 3,400 merchants accept Neteller and over $7.3 billion passed through Neteller in 2005.  Neteller is publicly traded on the London AIM exchange.  Neteller has its corporate headquarters in the Isle of Man, with regional offices in Calgary, London, Hong Kong, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Final Words

To conclude, Neteller is highly recommended. It is the easiest way to transfer money to and from your online poker account. They have many services to offer such as a Neteller debit card in which you can withdraw funds from instantly.

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