Snow Leopard price matched, Windows 7 available for $29.99


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windows_7_graphic1In light of the recent competition of Microsoft Windows operating system vs. Apple’s Mac operating system, Microsoft has announced that they will be selling their new Windows 7 operating system for $30, about the same price as its Mac OS X Snow Leopard counterpart.

Just announced a few days ago, Microsoft is offering this outrageous deal to college students.  Any college student that has a valid e-mail address will be able to buy Windows 7 for a measly $30.  For a limited time, these students will have until January 3, 2010 to get this new operating system for $29.99.

This exclusive offer applies for both Windows 7 Home and Professionals.  Additionally, Microsoft is extending this offer to students around the world, in countries such as France, Germany, Korea, U.K. and Canada.

Perhaps one of the nicest features about this program is the operating system is available for download.  Instead of Microsoft mailing the college student a disk, the soon to be Windows 7 user can simply download the full copy from Microsoft in either 32bit or 64bit versions.  Although, Microsoft strongly recommends purchasing a Windows 7 back up disk for a clean install.

Non-students are still getting a fantastic deal on the upgrade as well.  Prices have been lowered for each operating system (Home, Professional, and Ultimate) for this limited time as well.  All of these prices are to be much lower than its Vista predecessor.  To take advantage of the Windows upgrade, users must previously have Windows XP or Windows Vista for the upgrade.  The Windows 7 launch will begin October 22nd and will be available to the community then.

The Snow Leopard already launched on August 28th and have reported some astonishing numbers already.  This new operating system has already sold twice as many as the original Leopard, and four times more than the Tiger.

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