Social Gambling Conference – London 2013


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Social Gambling ConferenceDexter House London will play host to this year’s Social Gambling Conference, which will take place on the 6th& 7th of November.  Opportunities for gaming companies are predicted to continue to grow over the next few years.  Experts are predicting the social gambling market will increase nearly 50% by 2015, growth that will see the total-market worth rise from £1.7 billion to £2.5 billion.

High on the list of the agenda for discussion will be the continued growth of the m-commerce side of the business.  Mobile-phone companies are continuing to improve their technology and the capabilities of iPhones and Android phones and ever-increasing internet speeds and 4G capabilities.  The opportunities for people to gamble on their phones whilst traveling or otherwise, are increasing daily.

As usual the conference will also be used to debate the potential risks social gambling poses and the gaming companies social responsibilities.  The content schedules for the two days include presentations and panel events on:

•    The Successful Monetization of Casino Style Games
•    The Future Of the Platform For Real Money Gaming
•    Why We Are Entering the Social Gambling Space
•    Acquiring and Re-targeting Casino Game Players
•    Compelling Slot Games: Design, Theme, Math, Gamification
•    Social Gaming Association
•    The Future of Social Poker / Social Bingo When Real Money Poker
•    Bingo and Casino Goes Global
•    Gambling-Style Social Games: Global Legal Update
•    Developing the Sports and Peer-To- Peer Betting Market
•    Conversion from Social to Gambling
•    The Funnel: Conversion from Social to Gambling
•    Converting Arcade to Real Money Betting
•    Reversing the Model: Gamifying Gambling Games
•    Venture funding for Social Gambling

Speakers at this year’s event include:

1.     Andrew Hughes (CEO & Co-Founder AbZorba Games)
2.    Andy Rogers (Co-Founder and Managing Director Enteraction)
3.    David Clifton (Director, Clifton Davies Consultancy Ltd)
4.    Evan Hoff (DirectorVelo, Partner)
5.    Jez San (President and Founder, PKRPKR)
6.    Justin Bellinger (Business Development Director, Sure International)
7.    Mark Donovan (President, Xfire)
8.    Melissa Blau (Directori, Gaming Capital)
9.    Stuart Tilly (Director, Social Gaming Association)
10.    Vaughan Lewis (Analyst, Morgan Stanley)

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