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Assessing Bodog…

Calvin Ayre founded Bodog in the year 1994, and the company since then has not only focused on online gambling, but has in fact diversified into all sorts of areas over the years. This diversification ended in the year 2008 when the main focus of Bodog returned to online gambling. There are a good many choices in online gambling offered by Bodog, ranging from sports books to a full online poker room, and of course, the usual selection of casino games. As a matter of fact, perhaps one of the most attractive things about Bodog is the variety they have on offer, the number of gambling interests that one can pursue under the Bodog banner. Bodog is certainly an interesting option whether a person’s specific favorite be the casino room, single poker games or poker tournaments and of course, sports betting.

Bodog’s license extends from Costa Rica, which gives it a limited liability in America. It also allows the site to take advantage of the more liberal Costa Rican law. However, to offset this, this site has now being running for seven years continuously, which certainly gives it a standing in the industry. They don’t have a very large signup bonus compared to other operators, but there are a great many competitions, and also an unrivalled loyalty system.

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Issues with the company- Bodog

Bodog has been troubled by issues with late payments, mostly around the year 2008, which caused them (and their clients) endless problems and issues. However, since then they seem to have solved many of the underlying issues with their systems, and did so within six months. These days there are few problems with payments, if any.

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Bodog Sportsbook bonuses

As I mentioned earlier, Bodogs bonus is among the least offered by the major sites in the industry, at 15%, yet nevertheless, they have other incentives that serve to balance this issue, such as the opportunity to rollover your money just once, something that is certainly not offered by most other players in the industry. This means that you have to win much less often before you can actually withdraw your funds from your account.

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Interesting features and innovations at Bodog

Another interesting innovation that Bodog uses is that it gives you a certain bonus for every time you reload funds into your account. Also, while there have been problems with payments from Bodog in the past, the sites policies actually show a great deal of integrity, with security deposits in a bank in Switzerland acting as reserves and safeguards for a customer’s money, and guaranteeing deposits of up to a thousand dollars.

And of course they have a wonderful website, which some would hold to outclass all of their competitors, with an extremely user-friendly layout that gives you perfect access to all of the website’s content. Another nice feature of the website is that there’s always a lot of betting and gambling news on it, and the articles are both relevant and interesting.

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Deposits and withdrawals Methods at Bodog

Like many sites in the industry, Bodog uses credit cards and Ewallet Express to handle money transfers.

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