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About Sports Book

Last updated: December 22, 2012

Despite our assumption of unfamiliarity, many of us here at Mac Poker Online expect readers to know, or at worst have heard about Sports Book. Truly being one of the pioneers in regards to sports betting, this site’s profound ability to remain proficient in the presence of so many other online sports books is astonishing. Some may wonder why a site such as has maintained such superiority – particularly when it seems that all sports books offer the same thing. But, anyone who is aware of the craft that has become sports betting knows that the little advantages add up immensely over time. Implementing subtle differences such as premium betting lines, unprecedented betting limits and insane bonuses truly keep players loyal, and wouldn’t prefer to do it any other way.

We’ve hinted that this site has displayed incredible longevity, but their sports book isn’t the only cause of their dominance. Instead,, recognizing their influence on the entertainment world, made the profitable decision to expand its market share to both poker and casino entertainment as well. This conglomerate now is responsible for some of the Internet’s most promising gambling venues, capable of putting extensive amounts of cash into players’ pockets and progressing as a company in the process. But let’s not venture too far astray; the sports book is what they do best, and they’ll do anything – within reason – to stay on top.

What this means for players is that is always researching ways to out-class other competitors – it’s increasing deposit bonuses, modifying betting lines to make wagers more attractive, and adjusting betting limits to allow for massive wagers that earn them such player retention. Being a sport bettor means that you’ve taken the time to scour multiple statistics to find out exactly what you believe will make you money, and effort such as this requires time, energy and acquired knowledge. wants to remind its bettors that they too exude some of those same characteristics, and their goal to become of most successful and generous online sports book in the world won’t end because of a lackluster work ethic.

An aggressive approach – both from staff members and players – is why is in the position they are today. A trademark brand, with a clear and concise vision is what defines this standout sports book offering.

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Software and Features at Sports Book

If didn’t give its patrons the opportunity to win they wouldn’t stick around, right? Of course players wouldn’t stick around! In order to be victorious with an online sports book, you need to be prepared with the right tools for battle. Despite the war metaphor, bettors won’t need to be equipped with swords and armor to succeed in building their bank account. Rather, they need to ensure that a site such as is capable of delivering each and every game that’s being played on a given day, or at least the sporting events with which you frequently make wagers. In congruence with that request, you will also need great betting odds, and the lines that you’ll find on fit this requirement. All in all, it’s’s maximized efficiency that often awes its bettors, and given the demanding nature of this hobby, you’ll need a site that carries this much pride in their company.

This will sound trivial, but just as television commercial jingles help trigger a viewer’s memory, displaying a recognizable color scheme or layout will also activate feelings of positive reinforcement when it comes to an online experience. Especially with online betting, allowing players to feel a sense of welcome can go a long way in making them comfortable will large wagers.’s graphical engine and appearance hasn’t changed in years aside from minor tweaks, and this is purposely to remind users that they’re here to stay, and are focused on consistency and good rapport.

One of the site’s greatest assets is their idea of not complicating a simple task, and sports betting in and of itself is a basic operation. Day by day you’ll be making bets on events, but regardless of what game you’re betting on or how you’re betting it, the process will be repetitive and tedious. But that’s ok in their book (pun intended). Cluttering their sports book with unnecessary information or cumbersome options will detract from user focus, and getting players to bet and win as much money as they can is their utmost priority.

This isn’t to say that players can’t make all of the crazy bets they wish – you’ll be allowed to straight bet, tease and spread your way to success until the cows come home. Having such variety in terms of betting gives all player types the opportunity to make money – most importantly in a way they feel comfortable. One of the most underestimated aspects of sports betting is the reassurance that you can watch the game with enjoyment, and hopefully remain content no matter what the outcome of your wager is. Ultimately wishes the best luck to everyone, but every bettor should also have a tremendous amount of fun in the process.

Even if you don’t win your game, always has their online casino and poker tables open if you feel like gambling elsewhere!

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Customer Service at Sports Book

Although many customers will only be concerned with the balance of their bank account after making a wager, if you’re a frequent bettor you’ll likely encounter a time where you’ll need assistance. For the most part, the nature of sports betting caters to autonomy, but having suitors there to address your concerns should never be unappreciated. has associates that are more than capable of answering questions in regards to their sports book. In particular how bets work, how to make bets, and what each bet means. Less assistance is generally needed overall, but getting help is never an issue with their knowledgeable and friendly staff members.

Because sporting events occur all the time in different countries and time zones, there’s truly never a shortage of games to wager on. In that respect, their sports book is always busy with more and more bettors shelling out cash, to make more cash. With such feverish action and investments being made, had to make sure they could be available 24/7 to tackle player problems. As we said, you shouldn’t find yourself making too many mistakes, but if you do, can help you correct them.

Sports betting is a rather straightforward venture, but there are some novelty concepts associated with it that not all bettors may understand. Because so many people watch sports and are intrigued by the games, many of those who decide to join will be beginners. Learning the terminology and betting lingo can be discouraging, but has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to decipher the meaning of most phrases. It simultaneously helps bettors find answers to questions that are emailed repeatedly, so that everyone saves time and maintains efficiency.

It doesn’t take long at all to reach a team member, and depending on how you choose to contact them it could take a few minutes up to a day or so to get a response on more serious concerns.

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Games at Sports Book

Sports are captivating, and for those of us who watch a ton of sporting events they know that they can get exhausting and mentally draining. Sports are a pastime in nearly any country or continent, and regardless of the actual event in play, for fans the result means everything. Because of the investment and emotional attachment that sports can inspire, didn’t want to let its bettors down by not making an attempt to have games in almost every sporting genre imaginable. Whether it’s football, baseball, tennis or badminton, if you love watching that sport, in all likelihood you’ll be able to bet on it too.

Being a sports bettor is a unique and unpredictable vocation, particularly because you’ll encounter many different twists and turns on your way to making wagers. Lines will change frequently, and this often requires you to adjust your wager. But that’s only the beginning – sports books become insanely busy during the top-tier sporting events such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup, and then what was once simply a hobby, now becomes a premium opportunity to make serious money. All of this and more is available on

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Traffic at Sports Book

While traffic makes a bigger difference when it comes to their other business ventures such as poker or their casino, it’s not much of a hindrance for betting on games. Because you’ll be making wagers online and individually, rarely will bettors need to worry about anything other than their own Internet speeds and connection. obviously runs on its own independent server, and during the busiest times of the year, you may encounter minor lag with the influx of people looking to make wagers. However, this is usually only a minor and temporary setback, and almost never prevents you from getting your bets in on time and without delay.

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Betting Limits at Sports Book

Easily one of the most crucial components of sports wagering, being aloof as to how much you can bet and on what games could be catastrophic to your overall results. Not to say that sport bettors can’t win without this knowledge, but for those who find it essential to maximize their edge (or minimize the house edge), lacking this information would be a misstep. When it comes to any online sports book, you’re going to encounter limits on what you can wager – it’s one of the sports books’ primary defenses in terms of losing money. Nevertheless, some sports books are more lenient than others, and if you decide to bet on, you’ll encounter one of the widest ranges in terms of betting limits ever.

It’s not out of the ordinary to risk tens of thousands of dollars on one bet with, but while one big wager doesn’t always modify the betting lines, you should sometimes proceed with caution if your wagers get too high. Massive wagers, especially in high volume, are one of the biggest causes of a change in the betting line of a game, and can decrease your odds of winning. Obviously bettors want to win the most they can, but sports books will almost instantly notice a horde of big bets, and it will immediately trigger them to investigate if they’ve given too favorable of odds. But this happens with every sports book, not just, and you’re better off with them because of their propensity to allow huge bets without too much fluctuation in the probability.

Another positive point about betting with is their occasional allowance of a monstrous bet. They enforce an overall limit of no more than $20,000 on any one wager, but through request you can sometimes bet bigger than this. It doesn’t happen regularly, but it can be done.

One of the things not many novice sports bettors are aware of is that there can be a maximum on how much you’re allowed to win within a certain time frame. For most bettors, this isn’t a problem you’ll need to worry about. But this rule is implemented particularly for professionals; players who make huge wagers, are aware of what games are beatable odds-wise, and have the knowledge, skill set and bankroll to truly be a threat to an online sports book’s profit margin. If sports books allowed professionals to bet whatever they wish, they could truly be at risk of losing it all.

The rules for goes as follows: On, the weekly winnable amount is $100,000.

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Gaming Odds at Sports Book

We’ve spent much of this review commenting on the odds indirectly, but it’s still worth a follow-up. If your plan is to bet on games consistently, and for larger sums of money, you’ve come to the right place with They have some of the best odds on games that you’ll find on any online sports book. However, just be aware that odds are typically always more appealing early than they are late, and betting lines change frequently. Just make sure you’re staying on top of your bets so you can remove or add to your wagers for maximum benefit.

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Player Rewards at Sports Book

Despite sports books typically varying widely in bonus potential in comparison to online poker or casinos, there will still be some benefit to making a healthy deposit for sports betting. Players who spend more time placing wagers than other players will receive the most benefit, and you’ll be rewarded by receiving free cash back. This will occur in increments, and has certain promotional opportunities and rewards programs depending on the event and sport you’re betting on.

Concerning their specific deposit bonus, through an exclusive offer of ours you’ll receive 100% up to $1,000 in deposit bonus cash! It’s an easy way to start off on the right track with, and they’ll know you mean business by making a big deposit and reaping the maximum bonus available.

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Deposits and Withdrawals at Sports Book

Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, UseMyWallet, Cash Transfer and Debit.

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