Support at PokerRoom Lacking, Hollywood Poker Better


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I recently received an email commenting on the support (or lack thereof) at PokerRoom.


Having played for a couple of years at both Hollywood Poker and Pokerroom I would like to comment on your reviews.

They are generally very accurate except for the customer support.

There is never a support person in the lobby of Pokerroom, you can type SUPPORT??? for hours before getting a response, live chat is a bit better. Hollywoodpoker on the other hand always has someone to answer any queries immediately. Just thought I’d let you know.


I think this person is correct about their statement. Hollywood Poker has typically been pretty good about the live chat feature, while I too have had problems reaching the support at PokerRoom. However, PokerRoom is going through some major changes (and has been for a long time). They added CasinoRoom as a sister site just 6 months ago, and have just recently merged HoldemPoker into their database, which is causing some major problems right now. The most recent problems have been the calculation of players points. When PokerRoom and HoldemPoker merged everything onto PokerRoom, they had to reset all of their network servers. When they did this, they simply had some unexpected problems (some of which I even had to bring up).

Personally, I’ve had the best support from Pacific Poker. They’ve always been there when I need something and support is almost instant.

Thanks for your comment!


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