Teamshizzz Captures FTOPS Event #2


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With the Full Tilt Online Poker Series off and running. Teamshizz thought that he should put his name in the books before the tournament ended. Well Teamshizzz made that happen early instead of later by winning FTOPS Event #2, the $240+$16 Pot Limit Omaha Hi tournament. the tournament was also a knockout tournament will all players starting with a super stack of chips. The knockout style tournament is fun to play in because you get a lot of players who think that the name of the game is to try and knockout players as fast as they can so they loosen up their calling hands quite a bit. The reason they do this is because each player has a bounty attached to them and every player you knockout, you get a small cash prize and sometimes if you knock out a Full Tilt pro you could receive a bounty prize that is worth up to $200.

The tournament attracted over 1,100 players and that is almost due to the fact that it was a knockout tournament and it proved to be that way because the action was none stop from the minute the first hand was dealt. When the final table was finally made, Teamshizzz did what he set out to do since the beginning of the tournament and that was to win and win big. Which is what he did and did very well by dominating the final table and yes getting lucky a couple of times, but hey what poker player doesn’t get lucky every so often. Congrats on your win Teamshizzz

Below is a complete list of all the final table participants and what the results were.

9.kickadam55 – $3,495
8. dschec – $4,893
7. gary jones – $6,757
6. why1 – $10,485
5. shimony21 – $14,283
4. xxd33pxx – $18,931
3. fbonacci – $23,591
2. wes1279 – $32,620
1. TEAMSHIZZZ – $51,260

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