This holiday season: Blackberry Storm 2 vs. iPhone 3GS


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blackberry_logoResearch in Motion (the makers of Blackberry) have recently introduced the Blackberry Storm 2 mobile device in further attempts to concur the increasingly popular Apple iPhone smartphone.

The new and improved Blackberry Storm 2 smartphone will try to take another shot at the title of touch screen phones. Research in Motion’s Blackberry Storm (the original) was the first touch screen phone released by RIM.  Tons of advertising dollars were spent, yet the phone was hugely unsucessful.  One problem that users had was the mechanical push screen feature that “clicked” every time you used it.  In efforts to lower these manufacturing defects, the Storm 2 will have an upgraded “SurePress” technology.  This new screen will allow users to text easier, as well as use alpha numeric keys easier.

A few main headlines of the new Blackberry Storm 2 will include:

  • A built-in GPS system.  Improving on the previous GPS which had to be downloaded.  Also, many other map/location programs will be available to customers.
  • Tons of on-board storage.  Not only will there be 2gbs for your emails, contacts, and pictures, but also an expandable microSD card slot which will support a 16gb card, and the 32gb when released.
  • A new screen which makes navigation easier, and effortless
  • A removeable, rechargeable battery with a stand by time of 280 hours, and a talk time of 6 hours on the 3G network.

The Blackberry Storm 2 smartphone will also be able to connect to WiFi hot spots, and have a new QWERTY keyboard in the portait mode of the phone.  Both of these features were not seen in the previous Blackberry Storm mobile device.  The Blackberry Storm 2, as of right now, is only available in European countries and its surronding areas.  The release of these will be right around Christmas time where it will seem to be make or break for most of these technology companies.

The release date of the Blackberry Storm 2 mobile phone in the United States has not yet been issued, but you can be sure that RIM will make all attempts to get the mobile phone issued before the holiday season kicks off.

*Blackberry® and the Blackberry Logo are registered trademarks of Research in Motion Limited.
*iPhone® and iPhone 3GS are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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  1. Jim Hemphill

    I was looking for a factual comparison with the iphone 3gs. Speed, ease of use, connectivity, communication with other blackberries. Give me some reason to pick the BB vs 3GS


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