Tom “durrrr” Dwan introduced to Team Full Tilt


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full_tilt_logoPhil Ivey is now second best to new Full Tilt professional Tom “durrrr” Dwan at Full Tilt Poker.

Well known poker superstar now has a place to truly call home.  As of today, Full Tilt Poker have announced Tom “durrrr” Dwan to Team Full Tilt.  Tom has played on Full Tilt for a few years now and has made quite an impression on the poker world.  He has already logged more hands online than most of the Full Tilt pros have played in their life.

Dwan was born in New Jersey and didn’t start playing poker until he started at Boston University.  Tom started initially with low stakes sit and go’s as most players do, and quickly found his way into the mid stakes games.  Shortly after Tom was beating the high stakes games consistently and made quite a stir in the poker community.

Durrrr is most known for his skills with the mouse behind the safety of his monitor, but he is also dangerous on the felt as well.  Tom has already accumulated cashes (3) at the WSOP of poker, a 9th place finish at the National Heads-up Tournament, and a WPT championship at Foxwoods.  All of which has earned him over $1 million dollars in tournament prize money.tom-dwan

Tom has been in the headlines of online poker for many months now, exclusively from his “durrrr challenge” which pinned his $1.5 million to anyone’s $500k.  Tom and fellow Full Tilt pro Patrik Antonious are already a few thousands hands into the challenge.  Other professionals such as Phil Ivey and David Benyamine are patiently waiting in line for their chance at Dwan.

You can find durrrr at the high stakes NL Hold’em games as well as the Pot Limit Omaha games.  Also, you can tune into High Stakes Poker and Poker after Dark where Tom is a regular on these shows.

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  1. Ferha

    The outs in the heads-up are not correct, beaucse Meltzer folds Ah and Kaplan folds Ad, so the outs (for TV audience) are 4 and not 6 as shown! And the comentator does not make a reference to this. Anyway Greets from Portugal!


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