Top 10 Thoughtful Poker Christmas Gifts For 2011


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Christmas time is only a couple of weeks away and people are a week or so away from scrambling looking for last minute gifts. If you have a poker player in your life you might wonder what other interests do they have? Poker is often the number one interest and below you’ll find 10 perfect gifts that you can buy a poker player this upcoming Christmas.

1. A solid poker book. Most poker players, even casual ones, like a good poker book to improve their game. There are plenty of good ones out there, and it might depend on their reading level, or for that matter their commitment to reading.

2. A poker card protector is a very good gift. The beauty of these things is that they come in all sorts of price ranges so you’ll find one that fits your budget. A card protector is for live poker play, and it lets the dealer know you are in play so they don’t accidentally muck your cards. It’s a gift that every player can appreciate. The card protectors can be anything from goofy, to meaningful,

3. Get them a proper poker table. We are not talking about the type that folds in half as a table top, but the ones that are actually a full stand alone poker table. These look much more expensive and valuable and they are only a fraction of the cost more then regular cheap table top versions.

4. A deck of cards. It may seem simple but there are some seriously nice card companies out there that have expensive and premium decks that any poker player is guaranteed to love. You can also get custom made cards with his favorite sports team or something else meaningful.

5. Get a proper clay chip set that is of high quality. This is an especially great gift if the poker player in your life currently has nothing but plastic cheap chips or worse, nothing at all. At the very least they will be happy to practice some chip tricks with actual real poker chips. There is nothing like the real thing!

6. A DVD box set of either a past World Series of Poker event or of a World Poker Tour Season. While those are the two best ones that come to mind, there are others like the Big Game and Late Night Poker which feature some of the top pros. Not only is it very entertaining, it’s educational as well.

7. Money! We have this on lucky number seven, because the one thing all poker player’s could use more of is more money for their bankroll.

8. Card Shuffler: An automatic card shuffler is all about saving precious time during home games and with half of every crew utterly hopeless at shuffling a deck properly, this s a great investment at only $20.

9. Some kind of thoughtful house decoration that is related to poker. Anything like ceramic dice to a poker cards throw for the couch would be a very cool small gift for a poker player.

10. An iTunes Apple gift card. If your poker player has an iPad or iPhone, there are now several cool poker apps such as “Poker by Zynga” and “Poker Free” which can both be bought with a $5 or $10 itunes stocking stuffer.

There you have it! 10 different poker Christmas gifts that range from stocking stuffers to full blown gifts. There is something for every budget here and hopefully it helped you cross one thing off the list.

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