Top US Poker Room – Carbon Poker Special Promotions


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Top US Poker Room – Carbon Poker Special Promotions

Carbon Poker Special PromotionsCarbon poker has recently become one of the main US poker rooms available, with great service, security, and games – and let us not forget that they are Mac friendly too. Dominating the poker game now, Carbon is providing some great promotions.

First off, we are pleased to offer the EXCLUSIVE POKER BONUS of 200% up to $2,000! Make sure to use the bonus code: MACPOKER – That is huge in the poker industry, and even more so when there are so little competitors within the US market. This exclusive bonus of course is not going to be available forever, so make sure you take advantage of it, and what better place than Carbon Poker – a top US poker room! – they also accept Worldwide traffic in case you were wondering…


That is right! – Carbon poker not only is giving our players a great bonus, but they are giving them an opportunity at some free poker training at one of the best poker training sites around, DragTheBar. This training for free promotion is called the DTB4FREE, where all players will get their first 30 days FREE by just raking $1 – nothing really for playing poker at a great room, which is what we all want to do anyway.

To continue to earn a free membership on a monthly basis… all you need to do is earn $500 rake per month at Carbon Poker by going through our links to Carbon of course – if you want to be eligible for such promotion and bonus at least. This includes:

  • 30 coaches
  • Videos covering NLH, LHE, MTT, SNG and even Backgammon
  • Averaging 40 new videos a month 1,000 video library!
  • Active, friendly forums
  • Access for members to post their own videos

All you need to do is Join Carbon Poker Now. Deposit, and play… and then go to for your free membership. It is just that simple!


In addition, Carbon provides players with daily, monthly and VIP poker freerolls to their players. For new depositors, they get 14 days entry to the $500 Depositor freeroll. Moreover, all players can participate in the daily 5x$200 poker freerolls, and by accumulating poker points, you can cash them in for either merchandise or VIP poker freeroll entries – basically, you are given the chance to get your bankroll start every day in many formats – only at Carbon Poker.

Play at Carbon Poker Now!

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