Tropicana Names Poker Room After Jamie Gold


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The Tropicana Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada has just made Jamie Gold a respectable new spokesperson of their casino. They also honored the 2006 World Series of Poker champion by naming the Tropicana poker room “The Jamie Gold Poker Room”. It’s all part of a revitalization process and renovation that the Las Vegas Tropicana is currently going through.

The Jamie Gold Poker Room will feature tons of promotions and contests to really mark the Tropicana as a premier place to play poker on the Las Vegas strip, which is unbelievably competitive with over 20 world class poker rooms within a 30 minute walk.

One of the main promotions that they will be running is a “play with Jamie” day where you’ll be able to play in a game against gold for $100 on certain special days. There will also be a number of great fan events, innovative experiences and free poker memorabilia given away in the inaugural celebration month of December. Jame will be in his poker room at least every single day until half way through January 2012. A very cool feature that the Jamie Gold Poker Room will sport is a weekly high stakes cash game which may bring some serious poker celebs on by.

This whole announcement becomes very real and the excitement is almost palpable when Jamie’s agent Randy Kasper says:

“This deal is by far the biggest of its kind and the poker world will be shocked by many of the components as they are unveiled.”

The entire poker world and especially Vegas locals sure hope so. Gold had this to add:

“This deal with Tropicana covers everything I could have ever wanted in a relationship with a major Las Vegas Strip resort and it will serve as my anchor and the conduit to all of my future poker and philanthropic endeavors,”

Without a doubt, there has always been much controversy about Jamie’s 2006 major score, still a world record for the most money won in a single poker tournament. There was a lot of angry players that were not happy with his attitude or trash talking throughout the main event, where players put forth $10,000 each for the entry fee. Jamie has made countelss more appearances in the poker world following his win, and has definitely redeemed himself as quite the personal character on TV.

The new Jamie Gold Poker room is part of a renovation and improvement plan for Tropicana, which is costing them an estimated $180 Million. The goal is to help it compete with some of Vegas’s more classy casinos in a number of areas.

We haven’t seen just yet if the Tropicana poker room will see improved success or if they really can make a major transformation at their hotel and casino. One thing is for sure, locking down and honoring the largest WSOP winner of all time and a great guy in Jamie Gold is a really solid foundation and start.

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