“twirlpro” Captures PokerStars Sunday Million


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The Poker Stars Sunday Million was as exciting as always this week. Svansa was the chip leaded upon entering final table play with a stack of approximately 19 million chips, while the short stack, omba, only held a little under two million in chips.

At the start of final table play in the Poker Stars Sunday Million the chip stacks stood thus:

svansa – 19,352,418

fratzl – 17,516,137

twirlpro – 12,725,996

PureProfitFo – 11,800,471

1bobbyL – 6,220,333

ankolo – 4,635,660

NewsKoool – 3,712,744

Terkel1 – 2,165,369

omba – 1,880,872

It would not be long before omba threw the last of their chips into the center. Omba moved all in with [As Js] only to see NewsKoool make the call with [Ah Qs]. Omba would not see any help from the board as it fell [Kh 9h 5s 10h 5d] to end omba’s tournament life. Omba exited in ninth place, richer by $11,201.40.

Despite starting in fourth place PureProfitFo would exit in eighth after clashing with the chip leader. PureProfitFo picked up pocket jacks and made a raise before moving all-in after svansa threw in a reraise. Svansa turned over [As Kh] and the two were in the middle of a race. The flop fell down [Kd 2h 2c] to give svansa the better pair, and needing one of the two remaining jacks PureProfitFo watched the [9d] land on the turn and the [9s] land on the river. PureProfitFo collected $18,402.30 for finishing in eighth place.

Ankolo would be the next to fall, doing so when Ankolo moved all-in over the top of a fratzl raise. Fratzl called to show [Ks Qs] while ankolo revealed pocket jacks. Once again the pocket jacks would fall to the overcards as a queen landed on the turn to give the pot to fratzl. Ankolo’s seventh place finish earned $28,003.50.

1bobbyL would see their last hand when they were caught trying to steal with [10h][5h]. Twirlpro called the all-in bluff by 1bobbyL and showed [Ac Qh]. The flop fell [Qc 6c 5c] to give both players a pair, but Twirlpro had the better pair along with a nut flush draw. The [7c] landed on the turn to give twirlpro the flush and the victory. 1bobbyL would be awarded $40,805.10 for finishing in sixth place.

The end would come for Terkel1 when they reraised all-in with [Ad][6d] and the original raiser, twirlpro, made the call with [Kc 7s]. Twirlpro saw a great flop that fell [Kd 7h 4s] to give him two pair. After an unhelpful turn of [2c] and river of [3c] Terkel1 exited in fifth place for a payday of $56,807.10.

Twirlpro’s rampage would not be stopped, as he eliminated the former chip leader, svansa, in fourth place. Twirlpro bet enough to put svansa all in on a flop of [Ah 9s 7d] and svansa made the call, showing [Ad 6c] for a pair of aces. Twirlpro was holding [8s 7s] for a pair of sevens, but his hand improved after the [10s] landed on the turn, giving him both straight and flush draws. The [5s] on the river gave twirlpro the flush and svansa collected $72,809.10 for exiting in fourth place.

NewsKoool called all-in after twirlpro made a large raise, showing [Ah 5h] which held the advantage over twirlpro’s [Kc 6c]. The flop of [Jd 8d 4c] was good for NewsKoool, but the [Qc] on the turn gave twirlpro a flush draw that he would hit when the river fell [9c]. NewsKoool’s third place finish would earn a prize of $89,611.20.

Heads-up play between twirlpro and fratzl began with fratzl holding 42 million chips and twirlpro 38 million, so the match began fairly even. Twirlpro would eventually gain control of the match and would finish it when fratzl raised all-in with [Ac Qd]. Twirlpro showed pocket kings, which would hold up on the board of [Qh Jc 2c 5c Kh].

Fratzl collected $132,176.52 for their runner-up performance while twirlpro snared the victor’s prize of $196,024.50.

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