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So you are an Amercian and you are looking for a world class US online casino to gamble online? You aren’t alone. Perhaps you have done just this in the past and had plenty of options, only to find out that the place you called “home” in terms of online gaming, is shut down to people from your country. While it isn’t a very good feeling, it isn’t the end of the world. While many of the online casinos out there did take the route of stopping American betters from going on their site, many others took that opportunity to grow their loyal user base. On this page, we have compiled a list of only the best of the best US poker sites, which give you any type of online poker action you could be looking for.

So how did we decide which US friendly online poker sites would make this list and which ones didn’t make the cut? It wasn’t easy, as we had to take an extremely close look at each one and make sure they are up to our standards. What we have found is that there are several world class top brand online casinos that are US friendly. If you are unsure where to start and want to get into the action right away, just click one of the top 2 sites on our top list. If those don’t look good enough for you or simply aren’t for you, move down to the next one on the list. We have listed them in overall ranking so it’s perfectly easy for you to see the best and most popular ones.

Best US Online Casino

Finding the best US online casino is all about personal preference. Do you consider the best USA online casino to have the biggest bonus? The best graphics? The most reliable software? You can answer these questions for yourself by clicking through and reading our editor’s reviews of each US online casino. Also, if you want to know who we consider to be the best United States online casino, we place our casinos in descending order based on a rating of a numerous number of topics.

Legal US Online Casino

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it is not illegal to play at an online casino in the United States (except Washington state). There is no law denying an individual from placing wagers over the internet. However, there is a law prohibiting banks from processing transactions to online casinos (the Safe Port Act), a task which no bank has been able to master. The only fully legal form of online casino in the United States is to find a skill gaming website and play games where skill is involved. US casino players may also place wagers at state run online lotteries and horse betting.

Online Casinos in United States

Operating an online casino in the United States is not wise. Little do people know, but there are no online casinos based in the United States. Rather, online casinos are operated from countries with laws that are favorable for the internet gambling business. This has caused many countries to have feuds over the legality of allowing international citizens to sign up at an offshore online casino and some countries have been known to “fence in” their citizens.

Free Money USA Online Casinos

Some people want to test drive the online casino of their choice or several of them, before making their choice at which site gets their real money. Most people jump right into the action, but it should be noted that the above listed US online casinos all have a free play area where you can try out any of the games or slot machines with a pre-set “play money balance”. Once you are comfortable with the site or get your bankroll up a bit in real life, you can make that deposit on your favorite games. Alternatively, it is also a great way that people use to learn the ins and outs of different casino games, before trying them for real money. That is a huge advantage that you don’t have at a real casino, and as any of us that have been to one before know, there are times we want to play an interesting game but just don’t know the rules. This is the best way to do it!

Real Money US Online Casinos

While playing for free can really get you to know the games, most of you know what you like to play and know the rules already. We already know how many of you are slots, video poker and blackjack fans, standard. That being said, all of the ratings that we based our chart on is for the real money play in these online US friendly casinos. If you are an American that is looking for a place to play your favorite casino table games or slots online for real money, this is the chart you need to be looking at. We have done a very in depth job of listing them in order of their value, and on top of that, we have individual reviews of them all as well. You will find that our reviews of these American online casinos are not run of the mill by any stretch of the imagination. You can tell we’ve done our homework here. There are plenty of ways that you can deposit to these real money USA online gambling sites, including credit cards and prepaid credit cards. There are also some “e-wallet” options at your disposal as well. Each of the individual reviews will indicate a thorough list of your deposit and cashout options.

USA Online Casino Reviews

You will notice that while you have the opportunity to jump straight to the USA casino of your choice, you can also choose to read a full and extensive review of any one of them. Our online casino experts have played at and reviewed all of the top options for those in the U.S.A, and reported back here for all to see. Our online US casino reviews are all about which sites provide the most value to their users, such as having great bonuses, customer support, winning percentages, plenty of game choices, etc. You should be rest assured that we do not include any sub par or average online casinos for Americans here, in fact, we only list the creme of the crop. We look at about 8 different factors and they need to do well and pass our tests in all before being recommended. They are also all audited by 3rd parties and as safe and secure as you can get online.

While you may have been unsure of where to bet online before, now you should definitely see which US online casinos are the best bang for your buck. Join any of the sites above and claim an exclusive welcome bonus. All the casinos listed on this page will give you a certain welcome bonus, provided you make a real money deposit and you are a new player to the site. And you know by joining through this page, you are getting the highest in possible bonuses across the board! Bookmark, tweet or “like” this page if you want, because we are always keeping it updated so you know the current top USA online casinos in this ever changing market.