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1973 WSOP Main Event Winner Walter “Puggy” Pearson
Runner Up Johnny Moss
Winning Hand A 7
Losing Hand K J
1st Place Prize $130,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 13

In 1973 the World Series of Poker Main Event was videotaped for the first time ever. Sports commentator Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder narrated for the cameras and poker was able to broaden its audience thanks to the taping.

Walter “Puggy” Pearson would win the event after having finished in second place the year before. His road to the championship was not easy though, having to face twelve of the most talented poker players of the day. In heads-up play he would come up against no other than Johnny Moss, the most feared name in poker.

Puggy suffered at the hands of Johnny Moss early on, as Moss twice came up with a better hand on the river, damaging Puggy’s chip stack. However, Puggy would fight back and take the chip lead when he refused to give into a Moss bluff.

The final hand pitted Puggy’s As-7s against Johnny’s Kc-Js. The flop came down Qs-10s-3c, giving Johnny the open-ended straight draw and Puggy a flush draw. The turn card was the 5h, giving no help to either player, and after the 6d fell on the turn Puggy Pearson became the champion of the 1973 WSOP.