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1976 WSOP Main Event Winner Doyle Brunson
Runner Up Jesse Alto
Winning Hand 10 2
Losing Hand A J
1st Place Prize $220,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 22

In 1976 Doyle Brunson would win the first of his two WSOP Main Event titles.  While Doyle is known for his skill at the table and widely recognized as being one of the best poker players in the history of the game, Doyle achieved his victory with luck, as his horrible starting hand of 10-2 overcame long odds to give him the title.

In heads-up play Doyle faced Jesse Alto, a very skilled poker player, but one who had a major weakness.  Alto had a reputation for letting his emotions get the better of him and going on tilt.  Doyle looked for an opportunity to use this knowledge, and found a spot shortly after Alto surrendered a big pot and the chip lead to Doyle.

Doyle decided to raise preflop with the weak starting hand of 10-2, hoping to put a play on Alto.  The flop fell A-J-10, giving Alto, who held A-J, two pair while Doyle flopped bottom pair.  Alto bet out and Doyle simply called, looking for more cards.  A 2 fell on the turn to give Doyle two pair and Doyle went all-in, only to see that his opponent held the better two pair.  However, the river card was another 10, and Doyle came from behind to make a full house and steal victory away from Alto.  It was likely that if Doyle had not won the hand that Alto would have walked away with the tournament victory as he would’ve attained a massive chip lead.

Doyle took down the winner take all prize of $220,000 and immortalized himself in poker history with his amazing victory.