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1980 WSOP Main Event Winner Stu Ungar
Runner Up Doyle Brunson
Winning Hand 5 4
Losing Hand A 7
1st Place Prize $385,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 73

The 1980 WSOP Main Event ended in a matchup for the ages, Doyle Brunson vs. Stu “The Kid” Ungar.  Stuey Ungar was only 26 years old at the time, but he already had a reputation, due to his years spent cleaning out the gin rummy players in New York until they refused to play him.

Another poker star made it to the final table, three-time winner Johnny Moss.  However, Stuey Ungar would take care of him when Stu’s 8-6 flopped a pair of eights to defeat Moss’s pocket sixes.

In the final hand between Doyle Brunson and Stuey Ungar, Doyle held A-7 and flopped two pair on the flop of A-7-2.  Doyle made a critical mistake when he soft-played his two pair, making a small bet which Stu called with 5-4.  A three fell on the turn, giving Stuey a straight, and he immediately bet out.  Doyle raised all-in and saw the bad news.  After a 2 fell on the river the tournament was over, and Stu Ungar won the first of his three world championships.