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1981 WSOP Main Event Winner Stu Ungar
Runner Up Perry Green
Winning Hand A Q
Losing Hand 10 9
1st Place Prize $375,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 75

In 1981 kid poker player Stu Ungar would win his second consecutive WSOP Main Event. Stu did so by completely dominating his final table, expanding his stack until he had a huge chip lead over his competitors.

Stu would face Perry Green in heads-up play, and the battle between them became a tight seesaw battle until Stu was finally able to put his opponent away. In the final hand Green moved all-in on a semi-bluff when the flop fell 8-7-4, giving him an open-ended straight draw. After another 4 fell on the turn and a queen fell on the river, Stu Ungar was crowned as world champion for the second year in a row, earning $375,000 for his victory.

Stu would soon fall into drug addiction and lose what money he didn’t spend on drugs on other forms of gambling. He would make a great comeback in 1997 when he won the WSOP Main Event for a third time, but he would die the following year with only $800 to his name.