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1982 WSOP Main Event Winner Jack Straus
Runner Up Dewey Tomko
Winning Hand A 10
Losing Hand A 4
1st Place Prize $520,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 104

In 1982 the term “Chip and a chair” was coined.  Jack Straus, who bore the nickname of “Treetop” due to his six and a half feet, had lost what he thought to be his entire stack and was getting up to leave when he discovered one $500 chip under a napkin.  The tournament directors allowed him to stay in the tournament as he had never formally declared all-in.  Jack would use this one chip to make a miraculous comeback to win the entire tournament.

Some of today’s tournament directors say they would not have let Jack Straus continue playing, citing a rule that all chips must remain visible at all times.  However, back in 1982 Jack Straus was allowed to keep playing, and he did so until he took down the first prize of $520,000.

Treetop Straus faced Dewey Tomko in heads-up play.  On the final hand Dewey held A-4 of diamonds while Jack was holding A-10.  The flop fell 6-5-4, giving Dewey a pair.  A queen fell on the turn, and now Dewey would survive as long as no ten fell on the river.  Sure enough, a ten did fall on the river to make Jack “Treetop” Straus the 1982 WSOP Main Event champion.