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1984 WSOP Main Event Winner Jack Keller
Runner Up Byron Wolford
Winning Hand 10 10
Losing Hand 6 4
1st Place Prize $660,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 132

The 1984 WSOP Main Event was not so much about the champion, Jack Keller, as it was about the man who finished third, Jesse Alto.  Jesse Alto had finished in second place to Doyle Brunson in 1976, and was one of the best poker players, provided he kept his emotions under control.  When play began at the final table, it was Jesse Alto who held the chip lead.

With three players remaining, Jesse Alto still held the chip lead and was using it, frequently raising and putting pressure on his less fortunate opponents.  The other two players were jack Keller and Byron Wolford, both of whom had far less tournament experience than the dangerous Alto.  However, Alto’s tournament would be derailed by Byron Wolford.  Alto had made another raise preflop, but this time he found a caller in Wolford.  The flop came out A-K-9 and Wolford bet out.  Wolford fired a second shot when another K landed on the turn.  Once again Alto called, bringing a 2 on the river.  Wolford moved all-in, and after thinking it over for a long time, Alto mucked his hand.  Wolford then made his best play by revealing 5-3, an amazing bluff.  Alto went on tilt following the revelation, moving all-in in the dark on the next two hands.  Jack Keller doubled up and then eliminated Alto, leaving only two players remaining.

Heads-Up play would end when Byron Wolford moved all-in with his 6-4 when the flop fell 9-6-5, giving him a pair.  Jack Keller made the call with pocket tens, which would hold up on the 8 turn and the J river.  jack Keller won the title of world champion and the $660,000 that went with it.