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1990 WSOP Main Event Winner Mansour Matloubi
Runner Up Hans Lund
Winning Hand 6 6
Losing Hand 4 4
1st Place Prize $895,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 194

History was made at the 1990 WSOP Main Event, as for the first time the title of world champion would be won by a player who did not hail from the United States. Mansour Matloubi hails from London and prefers to play in Europe but always finds time to travel to the US for the biggest poker tournaments. In 1990 he would win the biggest tournament of them all.

Mansour Matloubi would face off against Hans “Tuna” Lund in heads-up play. Hans had nearly come away with a victory when he his A-9 made a pair of aces on the turn while Mansour held pocket tens. As long as one of the two remaining tens did not fall on the river Hans would win the tournament. One of the two tens did indeed fall to give Mansour the double up.

In the final hand Hans Lund moved all-in before the flop with pocket fours. Mansour Matloubi stood up from the table and gave the move a lot of thought, but did eventually make the call, flipping up his pocket sixes for the dominating hand. Hans would get no help as the board ran out Q-8-2-K-2 and Matloubi had won the 1990 WSOP Main Event and the first prize of $895,000.