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1992 WSOP Main Event Winner Hamid Dastmalchi
Runner Up Tom Jacobs
Winning Hand 8 4
Losing Hand J 7
1st Place Prize $1,000,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 201

Hamid Dastmalchi is an Iranian-American poker player who earned the greatest honor for a poker player, winning the WSOP Main Event, which he did in 1992.

Dastmalchi would win the title after his opponent, Tom Jacobs, made a critical mistake.  Tom had made a small raise preflop with J-7 and got a call from Dastmalchi and his 8-4.  Jacos flopped two pair when the flop came own [Jh][7d[5d].  There were several possible draws on the board but Jacobs decided to play it slow in the hope of extracting more chips from his opponent.  Jacobs put forth a small bet designed to entice a call, and that was just what he got.  However, the 6 that fell on the turn gave Hamid Dastmalchi a straight and the slowplay backfired on Jacobs.

All of Jacob’s money went into the pot on the turn, and he was disgusted when he saw the straight his opponent held.  The river brought an unhelpful 8, and Hamid Dastmalchi had defeated Tom Jacobs to win the 1992 WSOP Main Event and the $1 million prize.