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1993 WSOP Main Event Winner Jim Bechtel
Runner Up Glenn Cozen
Winning Hand J 6
Losing Hand 7 4
1st Place Prize $1,000,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 220

The 1993 WSOP Main Event had one of the shortest heads-up matches you’ll see in any poker tournament, as it only lasted three hands. Glenn Cozen was not given any luxury of waiting for a hand as his extremely small stack would not sruvive the blinds for long.

Jim Bechtel had entered the final table second in chips, and thanks to his play at the final table he went into heads-up play with an insurmountable chip lead.

Glenn Cozen moved all-in on the third hand of heads-up play and Jim Bechtel called without even glancing at his cards. Cozen revealed 7-4 while Bechtel turned up J-6. The flop fell 10-8-3 and was followed by a 2 on the turn. After a 5 fell on the river Jim Bechtel won the hand and the tournament with jack-high. Jim Bechtel won the $1 million first prize and became the first amateur player to win the event since 1979.