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1996 WSOP Main Event Winner Huck Seed
Runner Up Bruce Van Horn
Winning Hand 9 8
Losing Hand K 8
1st Place Prize $1,000,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 295

The winner of the WSOP Main Event is always a big man, but it was physically true in 1996 when the 6 foot 7 Huck Seed won the title.

Huck Seed is a quiet poker player who also enjoys making proposition bets. He once lost $50,000 to Phil Hellmuth when he bet that he could stand in the ocean with water up to his shoulders for 18 hours. Huck only made it 3 hours. However, he won a good portion of the money right back playing 9-ball against Phil for $2000 a game.

Heads-Up play at the 1996 Main Event pitted Huck Seed against Bruce Van Horn. On the final hand Bruce was dealt [Kc][8c] and he raised preflop, with Huck making the call with his own hand of [9d][8d]. The flop came down [9h][8h][4c] and the players exchanged bets until Bruce Van Horn was all-in. The [Ac] landed on the turn giving Bruce numerous outs to make a flush, but the tournament ended when the [3s] fell on the river. Huck Seed was the champion.