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2001 WSOP Main Event Winner Juan Carlos Mortensen
Runner Up Dewey Tomko
Winning Hand K Q
Losing Hand A A
1st Place Prize $1,500,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 613

2001 was the last time that a professional poker player won the WSOP Main Event, as Carlos Mortensen, known as “The Matador” emerged with the victory.

Carlos had moved from Spain tot he United States after discovering poker, despite not speaking English. Mortensen was able to thrive playing poker and take down the biggest prize of all, the WSOP Main Event.

Carlos Mortensen faced off against veteran poker player Dewey Tomko in heads-up play. Carlos raised Dewey all-in after a flop of Jd-10c-3c. Dewey called and revealed pocket aces, holding the advantage oover Carlos Mortensen’s Kc-Qc. To win, Carlos would need a club to make a flush, or a nine or ace to make a straight, a total of 15 outs. The 3d on the turn did not help Carlos, but the 9d on the river gave him the victory and the $1.5 million first prize.