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2003 WSOP Main Event Winner Chris Moneymaker
Runner Up Sammy Farha
Winning Hand 5 4
Losing Hand J 10
1st Place Prize $2,500,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 839

2003 was the year of Chris Moneymaker. Thanks to a $40 satellite on Poker Stars, Chris Moneymaker the accountant entered the 2003 WSOP Main Event and emerged as Chris Moneymaker the champion.

Chris Moneymaker took on professional poker player Sam Farha in heads-up play to win the title. In the final hand Moneymaker held 5-4 and flopped two pair on the flop of J-5-4. Farha was holding J-10 and made top pair when the flop hit. Moneymaker bet, and Farha responded by going all-in. Moneymaker immediately called and after an eight fell on the turn and another five on the river, Moneymaker was the new WSOP champion.

Moneymaker’s victory brought forth the poker boom as thousands of people across the country started playing the game thinking that they too could win millions of dollars. In 2004 the player field would swell from the 839 in 2003 to 2,576. Poker shows earned more spots on TV as new shows were created and the WSOP received more coverage from ESPN. Moneymaker inspired people from all walks of life to start playing poker.