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2007 WSOP Main Event Winner Jerry Yang
Runner Up Tuan Lam
Winning Hand 88
Losing Hand Ad Qd
1st Place Prize $8,250,000
Number of Main Event Entrants 6358

The final table at the 2007 Main Event consisted of Lee Watkinson, Alex Kravchenko, Raymond Rahme, Tuan Lam, Jerry Yang, Phillip Hilm, Lee Childs, Hevad Khan, and Jon Kalmar, but it would be the unknown Jerry Yang walking away with the bracelet and first place prize money.

Jerry Yang was born in the country of Laos in 1968. He won his way into the WSOP Main Event when he won a satellite at a casino in Jerry’s hometown of Temecula, California. Jerry was among the short stacks when the final table started, but thanks to a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck Jerry was able to take the chip lead and face off against Tuan Lam in heads-up play.

Throughout the final table Jerry had continually pleaded God for luck, uttering such phrases as “Lord, if you want me to win this, put the ace or the four on the river.” Every time he did so, his prayers were answered, providing the crowd with a good deal of entertainment. He would need luck one final time when all of Tuan Lam’s chips went into the center in a race situation, Yang holding pocket eights and Lam holding A-Q suited. A queen fell on the flop of Q95 to give Lam the lead, but Yang made a runner-runner straight with 7-6 to win the $8.25 million prize.