WPTE Grabs Huge Sponsorship


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World Poker Tour Enterprise happily announced on November 7th that they have officially taken on Full Tilt Poker as a sponsor. The details specify that Full Tilt Poker will have exclusive sponsorship rights to all educational spots that air on the World Poker Tour episodes, which starts airing on Fox Sports Net soon. The sponsorship entitles Full Tilt Poker to all 26 episodes and World Poker Tour says that there will be an ample amount of airtime that is directed toward educational purposes, so that is excellent news for the Full Tilt Poker company.

This move by WPTE is said to further signal the companies withdrawal from the online market. For example the online poker room WPT online, which is marketed outside the U.S., is set to shut down very soon. This is all because of the situation all the companies are in due to the struggling economy not just in the United States but also world wide.

When asked about this huge deal that was made, WPTE founder Steve Lipscomb replied “We are delighted to be in partnership with Full Tilt Poker and bring together two very strong brands with proven global reach and loyal network of poker fans, with WPT’s incredible brand value and TV distribution through FSN coupled with Full Tilt Poker massive online following, this partnership opens more channels to reach new fans and continue feeding the appetite for new poker content.”

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