Zynga IPad And IPhone Poker Network Now Has 6 Million Daily Users!


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The world of poker for Apple product users just keeps getting better and better. One of the largest gaming companies in the world named Zynga, who were largely popularized on the social network Facebook, easily have one of the best free poker apps for the ipad. You can also play it on the iPhone and on Facebook. It’s simply called “Poker by Zynga” and it’s one of the smoothest and well designed free poker games for the ipad, guaranteed.

You don’t need to play against the computer or artificial intelligence when you’re playing on Zynga because there are over 6 million live users playing the game every single day. You can play in a 5 or 9 person game and with that player base, they are infinitely times bigger than most real online poker sites in business for years! Those major real money sites also offer play money, so there is really no excuses; Zynga is just a master of promotion in the new age of social media, period.

It’s really crazy the actual player volume that they have at their poker room. They have a main lobby just like a real online poker room, and you can choose from ring games, MTT’s or Sit and Go’s. There are tons of different stakes that you can play too. Rumor has it that Zynga may one day break into the real poker industry online, and they can potentially become the number one online poker room overnight if that is the case.

Some of the features that you can look forward to are free poker chips, 5 or 9 seat tables, 3G or WiFi networks, live ring games, sit and gos and tourneys, 10,000 chips free and iOS 4 support.

Unbelievably, Zynga has managed to actually make money off of completely free poker play. How have they done it? By offering in-game upgrades that cost actual real money. Yes, you read that right – and people are doing it across the board. Here are the top upgrades purchased in-game on average, although there are many more options to pay Zynga for game upgrades:

  • 120K Chip Stack$0.99
  • 1.125M Chip Stack$4.99
  • 500K Chip Stack$2.99
  • 2.25M Chip Stack$9.99
  • 6M Chip Stack$19.99
  • 350K Chip Stack$2.99
  • 90K Chip Stack$0.99
  • 600,000 Chips$4.99
  • 900K Chip Stack$4.99
  • 60,000 Chips$0.99

Yes, you can pay up to $19.99 for 6 million chips, which is pretty insane. I guess when your games are as close to real poker on the ipad as you can get without actually being real, people still get addicted to the competition and pride at stake. Don’t mind the upgrades though if you don’t want to, as Zynga Poker is 100% completely free to play. It is also available to both Facebook users and non-Facebook users, so that is never a problem.

If you’re looking for a play money poker solution for your iPad, iPhone or Facebook account, give Poker by Zynga a look, there is always a seat available for you.

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