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I’ve been secretly adding content to the site and not posting it. I figured that I’d let you know that I haven’t stopped, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Actually, I almost took all day writing a very detailed review of a new poker odds calculator known as Calculatem Pro, which is by the same makers as Texas Calculatem. I realize that it’s not directly Mac compatible, but I figured that I would review it since a lot of people use it. Mac users can actually download Apple’s Boot Camp if they want to install Windows (cough) and use this odds calculator.

Not only did I add that, but I’ve added quite a few casino game rules to the site as well. You can now read about how to play games like baccarat, blackjack, let it ride poker, paigow poker, and three card poker. These are games that you really don’t learn how to play until you are making wagers at the local casino and asking the dealer how on earth these games work. Well now you have no excuse, go read the casino game rules.

Another very important topic in the Mac poker world is the re-design of my sister site, which I actually also run, iMac Online Poker. I started this site in September of 2004 and decided to make it similar to this site, but yet all the content is different. Other webmasters have told me that I should just have made one big website, but what can I say, I was bored!

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