Beginner Poker Tells


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The game of poker allows you to use a lot of strategies in order to defeat your opponents. You should use their weak points because this is the easiest way to beat them. If you are beginner poker player, you should learn more about the poker tells because they will give you a lot of information about the strength of the others’ hands.

What are poker tells?

Poker tells are small signs, which appear in the face expression or body language of the players. If you are able to read them, you will increase the number of your winnings. Don’t forget that in the poker games, the players will make everything they can in order to mislead you. But their eyes and accidental gestures cannot lie. The ability to analyse the behavior of the others will take your poker game to the next level.

Poker Tells & Facial Expressions

Strong Hand Poker Tells

Imagine that you are playing poker at a land-based poker room. Some signs, which will show you that your opponent holds a solid hand. One of the most common tells for strength is if your rival’s hand is shaking. Due to the great emotions and the possibility to win a lot of money, the hand of the player can shake while he is making his bet. Another indicator for strong cards is glancing at the chips. Looking the at money in the pot is also considered as a poker tell of strength.

Weak Hand Poker Tells

There are some beginner poker tells, which indicate that the player has a weak hand. The most common sigh is that players with poor cards usually avoid to look the others in the eyes, their prefer to look downwards. Here are some other poker tells, which will help you to determine who of the players are dealt poor cards – they are sitting slacked, think a lot before calling and if they talk, and avoid to look you in the eyes. A player who is looking his chips is hesitating to risk them with such a hand.

Tells for Playing Poker Online

Above, there are some beginner poker tells, which will help you to decide whether someone is trying to mislead you and what are his real poker intentions. Unfortunately, if you want to play poker online, this advice may not help you. There are special online poker tells, based mostly on the time spent by the players before acting. Slow call and quick check indicate a poor hand, while a fast raise is a sign of a nice card combination.


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